3 Best Tallest A-Frame Ladders | Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether it’s for home-use like climbing up the attic or outdoor chores like trimming the backyard trees, you’ll frequently find yourself needing to work at heights that are out of average reach. And for that, the best solution is to get a sturdy, reliable step ladder.

Two of the core issues to address when buying a ladder is the maximum height and structural safety. The sturdiest and most structurally sound option is an A-frame ladder.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the three tallest A-frame ladders currently available in the market. The in-depth reviews should help you make an informed choice when buying a step ladder for your home. Let’s jump right in!

Top Pick

The Little Giant SkyScraper Ladder M21 is  a multi-purpose, versatile A-frame ladder that can help you reach heights as high as 21 feet. It’s also adjustable to multiple surfaces like flat plains, staircases, or even just sloping ground.

So, you can rest assured of working anywhere, be it at home or a construction site, if you opt for this ladder.

Tallest A-Frame Ladder Reviews

Let’s go through the finest options available for ladder. By the end of this review guide section, you’ll know which one to spend on.

Top Features


This A-frame step ladder is a light-weight tool to carry around. You don’t have to worry about expensive scaffolding or lifts at construction sites or risk climbing a wobbly stack of furniture at the home when you have this ladder. Easily reach skylights or vault ceilings at your home with the Little Giant SkyScraper Ladder M21.

Two-sided Usage Options

The ladder has arrayed rungs on both sides of the frame so that two people can climb it at once. It’s suitable for construction sites when you need to work on a two-person job at a considerable height. It also has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. on both sides.

Adjustable Height Settings

You can adjust the ladder’s height to a comfortable altitude anywhere between 11-feet to 21-feet to fit your home or outdoor requirements. Simply use the lock tab on the sides to fix it at a convenient height and avoid risking an accidental fall.

Durable Aluminum Build

With industrial construction and aerospace-grade aluminum used in the build, the ladder is guaranteed to serve you for a very long time. You can rest assured of the durability even under extreme loads or rough usage.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder tall A-frame ladder for use in multiple working conditions, go for this model without batting an eye.

2. Louisville Ladder FM1416HD Twin Front Stepladder

Top Features


Along with a super-sturdy fiberglass construction and non-conductive materials in the build, this A-frame ladder ensures work safety to the maximum. You can reach extreme heights with ease whether you are at home or outdoors. You also don’t have to worry about any injuries or sudden risk of falling when you use the Louisville Ladder FM1416HD Twin Front Stepladder.

Ultimate Safety Reinforcement

Internal spreader braces, heavy-duty steel hinges, heavy-gauge gusset bracing, slip-resistant raptor-boot, non-marring DaBoot bonded tread on the footing, and riveted step construction – what else is left to say?

Simultaneous Two-side Usage

The ladder can withstand maximum weights up to 375 lbs. on twin fronts so that you can deploy it in most two-person jobs.

ANSI & OSHA certified

The manufacturers are simply committed to ensuring your safety and have official industrial safety certification from ANSI & OSHA.

When work safety is the name of the game, this ladder wins it by miles! Rest assured of avoiding any work-related injuries and ensure maximum efficiency if you choose this ladder for your home or work-site use.

3. Louisville Ladder AS1020 Step Ladder

Top Features


Say hello to reliability and confidence while you work with the Louisville Ladder AS1020 Step Ladder. The tall A-frame ladder provides sure footing with reinforced rubber treads on all four bases. There is industry-standard gusset bracing on the ladder and 300 lbs. maximum weight capacity to provide additional safety and stability.

Guaranteed Strength and Durability

Rubber-padded angle feet with aluminum top, internal spreader braces on side rails, and gusset bracing with bottom rear reinforcement makes this ladder the most durable choice.

Designed according to ANSI and OSHA standards

Both the American National Standards Institute & Occupational Safety and Health Administration have certified this ladder for professional and home use.

Extreme Load Capacity

Use the ladder from both sides simultaneously for two-person jobs. Don’t worry about the ladder accidentally collapsing since it has a 300 lbs. maximum weight capacity. The double-rivets on the steps further reinforce this feature.

This ladder can be your partner in construction works or everyday household usage for a very long time owing to its extremely sturdy construction. Rest assured of durability when you get this 14 ft A frame ladder.

FAQs About A-Frame Ladders

Q: How tall is a little giant ladder?

A: The Little Giant M21 can be as tall as 21 feet.

Q: How high does a Little Giant Ladder go?

A: The Little Giant SkyScraper Ladder M21 has a storage height of only 11 feet. But when extended, the ladder can go high as 21 feet.

Q: Are Louisville ladders good?

A: Louisville Ladders is a trusted name in making A-frame ladders. Based on our review, both the Louisville Ladder FM1416HD Twin Front Stepladder and the Louisville Ladder AS1020 Step Ladder are good in terms of work safety and durability.

Q: What is the tallest A-frame ladder available?

A: A-frame ladders are the most popular choice for reaching tall heights during household chores or even construction works. As far as we have done market research, we think the Little Giant SkyScraper Ladder M21 is the tallest A-frame ladder available today.

Final Words

An A-frame ladder will help you reach all those hard-to-reach heights while also ensuring work safety. It’s merely the best variant of a ladder to choose when you want both functionality and durability. So, we hope you will find this review helpful in making your choice about the tallest A frame ladder that will suit your requirements. Hope you have a safe workspace!

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