Qualcraft 2481 Ladder Hook with Wheel Review

When working on a house with a slanted roof, you’ll find many tiny nooks and crevices that need work. For all such areas that are tricky to reach, you’ll need accessories that will help you to get your way around. One of these accessories is a ladder hook – an accessory that will help you to hook your ladder on the rooftop.

A ladder hook is quite necessary, and you won’t be able to do without one. And since you are buying, we would highly recommend one that comes with wheels.

When on the lookout for such a ladder, you’ll find the Qualcraft 2481 Ladder hook with wheel at the top of the list. This is the best ladder hook with wheels that you’ll find out there.

Qualcraft 2481 Ladder Hook with Wheel Review

When you’re going up on top, the first thing you’ll need is safety. Ladders are extremely helpful, but it can be terrifying to climb them.

With something like a ladder hook, it is much easier. But the ladder hook that is supposed to give you more trusted safety must not be wobbly itself – you must look for a sturdily constructed accessory that you can really trust.

Everything about this ladder was made with the precision to give you the utmost confidence during work. The color, the structure, and the quality of the building materials were all chosen with that accuracy, which is required to start and finish projects with great skill, speed, and tact.

The color of this ladder hook is a deep, bright red. This color was chosen because it quickly catches the eye, and in doing so, it helps you to clearly see where the hook is being placed so that you can secure it in place without too much fiddling around.

Steel was chosen for the main material of the ladder. It has all the properties that are required to make a big accessory like this one reliable. The structural design of the hook makes it adjust particularly well to single ladders and extension ladders alike.  

The wheels just make it incredibly convenient for movement. They help you to move the ladder along the slant of the roof without taking the ladder down. Take it to a new spot on the roof and continue your work without the interruption of getting off of the ladder.

Key Features

There isn’t an overwhelming amount of features here. But the few that are present should all be considered with great attention to detail so that you never run the risk of an accident.

Nothing to disappoint here, but here we go – into the details!

Main Core Of The Ladder

Like we previously mentioned, this is the first thing that you should think about. The main material of the ladder is of extreme importance. If your ladder starts to rust after being kept away for a few months, then it’s not a ladder that is worth spending money on.

This is why steel was chosen for making the core of the Qualcraft 2481. Steel is extremely good at not rusting. It has a low oxidation state, which allows it to retain its structural gloss longer than other materials.

You will feel the reliability of the steel-constructed body of this ladder as soon as you touch it.

Besides this, the other advantages of steel are that it is extremely hard, tough, and has incredible tensile strength. They are easy to bend into different shapes, which is why such an intricately bent S-shape could be achieved with it. 

To increase the capacity to resist rust and corrosion and to make the steel more durable, it has been given a powder coat on top. This layer of powder on the surface makes it even stronger.


On one end of the hook is a bent S-shaped curve and on the other end is an extended flat plate. The flat end will hook onto the slant of the roof, while the S will go onto one of the rungs of the ladder. The whole thing works in unison. It’s very easy to use even if you are with zero experience on this.

The flat-ended hook can be removed for adjustment. There is a wing nut that threads it into the straight body of the main hook. Another wing nut holds the wheel in place, and it has been placed there so that you can easily change the vertical position of the wheel.

You can use the hook on different kinds of ladders as it is equally compatible with both D-style rungs and circular rungs. You can loosen or tighten the threads as necessary to improve the alignment with the ladder.

Placement and Suitability

The hook is compatible with ladders made with different kinds of materials. If you have friendly neighbors, you can share it with them as well. Ladders made of fiberglass, wood, and aluminum are all equally compatible with the shape, design, and strength of this ladder.

The best fit for hooks in general and also for this one in particular is the top rungs on your ladder. From that height, it gets much more convenient to work on the roof for anybody.

Through several aspects of design and structure, this ladder has been made particularly well to meet the requirements of standard work in industrial and residential areas, which is why it is highly sought out by the general public and also construction workers alike.

If you want a quick functioning, easy to use ladder, you will soon find out that nothing beats the Qualcraft 2481 that we have right here!


  • Wheels are of top quality
  • Made with strong steel that won’t rust
  • The two hooks bend perfectly on both ends
  • Works with D-rungs and O-rungs equally well
  • Comes with wing nuts that are easy to work with
  • Fits all kinds of ladders – aluminum, fiberglass, etc
  • Easy to roll the ladder up along the ridges on the rooftop
  • Has a powder coating on the surface that makes it extra durable


  • The size of the hook is too small for some ridges
  • The swivel wheels get a bit difficult to control when they’re upon the slant

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to use the wheels?

A: The wheels can be used to roll the ladder along the edge, and then it has to be turned around so that it can be hooked on the ridge board.

Q: Can I use this hook with detention ladders?

A: Yes, there is a lock on the hook that will keep it secure with detention ladders.

Q: Can I use this ladder on a tiled slanted roof?

A: We would not advise that because the net weight on the ladder might break some of the tiles on a slanted roof.

Q: How do the wheels help?

A: The wheels make it easier for you to roll the ladder up the shingles on the roof without damaging anything.

Q: How long should a ladder hook be in order for it to be safe?

A: A ladder hook should have a length of about 6 -8 inches.

This one has an opening of 6.75 inches on the hook portion, while the flat side is about 9.75 inches, so it is safe to use.   


You should always maintain safety when doing any kind of hazardous work. Climbing up on a roof is extremely hazardous, so you need all the help you can get.

Ladder hooks give you an incredible boost in safety, and this Qualcraft 2481 is right on top of the list of safe ladder hooks. Get a Qualcraft 2481 ladder hook with wheels, and take safety into your own hands. Best of luck!

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