Little Giant Velocity vs Revolution | Comparison Guide

With nearly 5 decades of manufacturing some of the most highly rated ladders on the market, Little Giant is a brand that has justly earned its high reputation. Boasting a wide variety of ladders, this brand has something for everyone.

Of these, arguably, the two most popular are the Velocity and the Revolution. As for articulating models, both are perfect for professionals in various trades. Whether you’re an electrician, a handyman, a painter, or a simple DIYer, these ladders will appeal to you.

But in the matter of Little Giant Velocity vs Revolution, which should you choose?

That is a question whose answer requires some research. So to help you, below we’ve compared on their most pertinent features.

Let’s get started!

Little Giant Velocity Review

Top Features

Offers Multi-Use Benefits

There’s a good reason Velocity is so popular in so many different industries. This highly versatile ladder can be used as a regular A-frame but can also be converted easily into an extension, 90-degree, staircase, or trestle-and-plank scaffolding configuration. Whatever the job, Velocity will help you get it done.

Designed for Superior Functionality

One of the best things about the Velocity ladder is its super accessible design. It allows you to manipulate its height quickly and easily, thanks to Rock Lock adjusters that mobilize the ladder’s inner section for different height settings. And when you’re shifting the ladder into its different forms, the palm buttons make it a breeze!

Premium Aerospace Aluminum Construction

If you haven’t already heard of T5 grade aerospace aluminum, it is used in the construction of aircraft. So, for the Velocity to be made of this aluminum, not only is it super strong and sturdy, but it also actively resists corrosion, rust, and stress.

For the handyman who must attend to multiple jobs throughout his day, the Velocity ladder is the ultimate choice. Just like the Little Giant LT, this one is also made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, but it’s not as lightweight. With its multi-use functionality and easy to use design, however, the Velocity definitely stands out from other articulating ladders.

Little Giant Revolution Review

Top Features

Built for Safety and Stability

Constructed from military-grade aluminum, the Little Giant Revolution is one of the strongest and most dependable ladders on the market. Not only does it meet ANSI and OSHA standards, but it also accommodates up to 300 pounds of weight with ease.

Designed for Accessibility

The reality of most articulating ladders is that they are typically difficult to adjust and manipulate into desired settings. Little Giant has tried to reduce the annoyance of that by incorporating reinforcing rock locks, easy-use palm buttons, and super-smooth Tip & Glide wheels.

Perfect for Serious Professionals

No matter how long you’ve DIYed or been in the construction industry, we’re sure you can agree how frustrating it is to have to reach for your tools again and again while working. Well, thanks to the integrated top work platform on the Revolution, that will no longer be an issue. Meanwhile, the WingSpan standoff mechanism smoothes your working process.

Just like the Velocity, the Revolution is also one of Little Giant’s heavier ladders. However, it comes with a variety of impressive and work-enhancing accessories, such as the WingSpan stand-off and convenient top work platform. We also like how sturdily it’s constructed and its individual leg adjustment capabilities.

Little Giant Velocity vs Revolution: Comparison Guide

Now that we’ve looked at the specifications of both ladders separately, now it’s time for the Velocity and Revolution to come head to head. Are you ready to find out which one is right for you? Read on!


While both the Velocity and Revolution are constructed from aluminum, it must be admitted that the latter is stronger. This is because, while the Velocity is made from corrosion- and stress-resistant aerospace aluminum that is relatively lightweight, the Revolution boasts a military-grade aluminum construction that lends itself to a longer life. However, both ladders boast an impressive weight capacity of 300 pounds.


If you frequently need to change the height of your ladder, then the Velocity might be better suited to your needs than the Revolution as the former can be adjusted into heights of 13, 17, 22, and 26 feet. Meanwhile, the Revolution can’t go lower than 13 feet. However, the Revolution’s legs can be adjusted in increments of 8.5 inches, which is a feature the Velocity does not have.


If you’re a DIYer or only take on tasks around the house, the Revolution might be too feature-heavy for you. While the Velocity works well as an industrial ladder too, it lacks the advanced technical design of the Revolution. For example, it does not include ratchet levelers, so using it on uneven surfaces is not always the best idea.

That being said, it’s worth noting that both ladders come with roller wheels, making transportation and portability easier.


The main similarity shared by the ladders is their multi-functional versatility. They can both be changed from the A-frame configuration to an extension, trestle, 90-degree, and step ladder form. So whichever one you choose, you can expect it to serve you well in all contexts!


Finally, let’s discuss the price point of both ladders. If you’re on a budget, it won’t have escaped your notice that the Velocity is significantly more expensive than the Revolution.

With the Velocity’s myriad features and capabilities, though, this is understandable. But don’t worry—the Revolution is also compatible with some of the Velocity’s add-on accessories, so you can get the best of both worlds!


Final Words

It wasn’t easy to compare Little Giant ladders of such high standing as the Revolution and Velocity. But hopefully, you’ve been able to decide, after reading our Little Giant Velocity vs Revolution discussion, which one is right for you. We wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors!

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