Little Giant King Kombo Review

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense ladder for extensive use at home or workshop, King Kombo by Little Giant has all you need!

Once you have the Professional King Kombo standing proudly in your garage, you have the power to do great things. We’re talking about everything, starting from changing a simple light bulb to building gorgeous wall cabinets all by yourself!

Behold, the Little Giant has awakened, and it now offers a ground-breaking fiberglass ladder just for you! It’s no other than King Kombo. And today we’ll offer you little giant king kombo review.

Coming from such a widely popular and trusted American company, we have high hopes about their latest King Kombo.

Here are the things we found out while putting this OSHA-certified 3-in-1 ladder to test!



Little Giant King Kombo Review

This is a cool 3-in-1 ladder by the popular Little Giant Ladder Systems. You can easily turn this multipurpose ladder into an A-frame, an extension ladder, or a plain old leaning ladder for versatile work environments and usage.

For starters, this 6-feet A-frame step ladder easily fits between tight studs. Thanks to the innovative wall pads, King Kombo can firmly stand inside and outside a corner beside leaning against your wall and roof.

Additionally, these attachments allow the ladder to bring you closer to the work area. This way, you can hammer a nail in peace or paint an intricate mural that gives a lift to your home aesthetics.

Since you can extend King Kombo to a 10-feet height, cleaning the gutters, painting ceilings, or installing wallpapers and decorative lights are now fairly easy. We sure loved its removable feet pads, but not more than its premium fiberglass body.

In short, King Kombo is all about safety, comfort, and achieving the impossible!

Fiberglass Construction

While we were debating whether the most trusted ladder should be steel or aluminum, Little Giant has made significant headway in advancing their ladder technology.

Here we have their latest King Kombo 3-in-1 ladder, and it’s made of neither the mediocre steel nor the commonplace aluminum we have grown tired of seeing.

You may have heard about fiberglass- a premium temperature insulating material broadly used in roofing, boats, windows, and waterbeds.

The best thing about a fiberglass ladder is that it does not conduct electricity, nor does it have magnetic properties.

On the whole, the fiberglass material, with its non-conductive and nonmagnetic properties, makes Little Giant King Kombo the best ladder for electricians and mechanics!

An OSHA-Certified Ladder

“Safety” and “ladder” are far from rhyming, and yet, whenever you look at your old ladder, you think about safety.

Let’s face it, climbing up a ladder takes guts. Especially when you’re painting the ceiling or nailing wooden cabinets aloft, your full concentration goes to the job. In that case, let King Kombo take care of safety for you!

With two revolving wall pads, easily replaceable feet, high-quality fiberglass material, and innovative narrow rails at the back for support, it was only a matter of time before Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) certified this outstanding product.

One Ladder & Three Uses

For a 3-in-1 product, King Kombo wowed us with the way it seamlessly transforms from one ladder type to another.

To begin with, King Kombo has rear rails that you can extend upwards and lock into position. In this way, you can turn this A-frame ladder into a professional extension ladder. It allows you to reach twice as high as you would have with the basic A-frame!

King Kombo is one of the safest step ladders we have come across in a long, long time. We especially liked how its slim back portion helps with accessing complicated areas around the house or a full-on construction site.

That’s not all; you can use this sophisticated step ladder as a leaning ladder as well! It helps you stay closer to your workpiece while using power tools, paintbrushes, drill machines, hammers, and so on!

And finally, whichever ladder mode you try on for your next project, the wide-flared feet, and base of the King Kombo will make sure that you’re zippy, safe, and comfortable throughout!

Generous Weight Capacity

Most users naturally prefer a ladder with a good weight capacity. Even the best lightweight aluminum ladder steps are prone to slight bending under unadvisable loads. In the worst-case scenario, they wobble and leave you a bundle of nerves.

Additionally, if you’re on the plus side, the permissible weight range is one of the top things to consider before buying a ladder. Lucky for you, King Kombo stands on four, fully reliable feet and supports 375 pounds of weight!

Carry heavy paint buckets, multiple wooden boards, power tools, and whatnot and climb up the King Kimbo without worrying!

Replaceable Safety Shoes

Little Giant went the extra mile to provide you with the best safety measures in such an advanced ladder. For example, most ladders, residential and commercial alike will deteriorate after years of use.

The top rungs and spreaders get rusted, and the feet become wobbly. But these are not something you face with King Kombo.

Its replaceable feet keep the ladder as good as new. Even if one of the feet bites the dust, you can readily change it on the site! Little Giant features different styles of feet in their King Kombo line of ladders.

Pivoting Wall Pad

So, what is a pivoting wall pad, and what does it do? It’s a convenient attachment that is lodged inside the top cap. The two pads can rotate up and down and side to side for safely setting the King Kombo up inside corners, outside corners, studs, and walls!

Additionally, they ensure a sturdy fit even if you have to place the ladder against a corner. That said, accessing tight spaces and taking it easy in high altitudes is now possible with the Little Giant King Kombo!


Categorized as Professional, Industrial, and Technical, King Kombo ladders are truly something else with their top-of-the-line features.

As for the King Kombo Professional that we reviewed today, you can extend this modest 6 feet ladder all the way to a tenacious 10 feet on the extension ladder mode.

It is also available in 4-feet, 5-feet, and a whopping 8-feet size for giving you more options! You may also consider its aluminum alternative, which you can get at a much lower price.

Then there is the Quad Pod addition, which is an absolute delight for keeping your tools close at hand!

You can buy the King Kombo without the Quad Pod, a modern version of your dated tool pouch. For organizing your handheld power tools, nails, screwdrivers, and gadgets, King Kombo with the Quad Pod is the way to go!


  • The wide-flared feet do not tip to the side or wobble
  • Nonmagnetic fiberglass construction does not conduct electricity or heat
  • Extremely safe to use and fits between tight studs
  • The wall pads allow you to safely stand the ladder in and out corners, studs, and walls
  • Wide steps and base for easy access
  • A 6-feet stepladder extendable up to 10 feet
  • You can use it as a stepladder, a leaning ladder, and an extension ladder


  • The Professional model misses out on shock-absorbing braces
  • Doesn’t feature stud and pole-gripping V-rungs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are fiberglass ladders so expensive?

A: Fiberglass ladders are not only lightweight and durable but also protected from electrical conductivity accidents. You cannot say the same for aluminum or steel ladders which are priced at a much lower amount.

A nonmagnetic and non-conductive ladder makes all the difference because it ensures a safer working environment for you and all those around you. 

Q: What does the wall pads do on the Little Giant King Kombo?

A: The wall pads are basically strong fiberglass attachments that move in all directions. What these two triangular parts do is lodge the ladder securely inside or outside corners, studs, and walls.

By preventing the ladder from wobbling and slipping, these wall pads provide an additional layer of protection alongside the non-slip feet. 

Q: How can I extend the Little Giant King Kombo?

A: The narrow rails, located at the back of this 6-feet ladder, can be extended upwards.

For example, this back part, as a whole, can be swiveled in an upright locking position. It goes at the top of the main ladder length and adds four extra feet to King Kombo. This way, you get a 10-feet extension ladder from a simple A-frame stepladder!

Q: What is the weight capacity of the Little Giant King Kombo?

A: The Little Giant King Kombo can safely support 375 pounds of load. Well, thanks to its sturdy fiberglass material that makes it possible for a lightweight professional ladder to carry such a huge load.

Additionally, the wall pads and the wide feet help a lot in delivering extra friction. It keeps this super-safe ladder from wobbling even the slightest!


This outstanding ladder combo by Little Giant was beyond our expectations with its cutting-edge quality and features. You must have already figured that out by reading our little giant king kombo review.

Starting off with a sturdy fiberglass build, we were satisfied every step of the way. That said, King Kombo receives no fewer than five stars from us, and it’s certainly going to be your favorite once you give it a shot!

So, if you don’t mind the few extra bucks, get the Little Giant King Kombo right away!

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