How to Make a Roof Ladder Hook in 4 Easy Steps (A Short Guide)

If you’re a homeowner, then it’ll be pretty normal for you to get up onto the roof to fix the occasional cracks and other things that need repair. While others pay professionals to do the job for them, you might be someone who likes to get the job done by yourself. So, you’ll use a ladder to do it.

But what if the ladder fell off while you’re up on top trying to fix something? That can be avoided by adding a hook to your roof ladder. And we’ll show you how to make a roof ladder hook in as little as 4 steps.

Throughout the whole guide, we’ll also tell you about the basics and things you’ll need.

Roof Ladder Hooks : In General

A roof’s steepness is usually referred to as pitch. And as the roof gets steeper, walking it becomes more dangerous. The roof becomes a fall hazard, and you really shouldn’t be walking on such shaky grounds. So, in this case, it’s better to use something that can keep you straight on without falling down a ladder.

But even a ladder might tilt over if your stand the wrong way, and that is where roof ladder hooks come in. They can hold the ladder to the edge of the roof using the hooks and keeps you safe as you fix the roof in peace. Now, these roof ladder hooks are actually pretty easy to make. So, that’s why we have prepped this guide.

So, without waiting any further, let’s jump right into it. But first, we need to show you the things that you’ll need to get this job done nice and easy.

Things You’ll Need

Here’s a list of the things that you’ll need to build your own roof ladder hook. We have added explanations so that you can understand their purpose before you move into the steps ahead. So, here goes:

  • A Stout Steel Piece: This is where you’ll work your magic and make the roof ladder hook. It should be 3/8 x 2 in measurements, which is the ratio. Also, make sure that you have more than one piece of this.
  • Rebar Cutter: You’ll need this to make your essential cuts and put things into shape.
  • Measuring Tape: This tape will help you take care of all the measurements that you’ll need to carry out to get proper shapes.
  • Lumber Pieces: These pieces are important to keep the steel that you’re working on in place. They work as support.
  • A Builder’s Square: It’s equipment that’ll help you maintain an accurate gap when you need to do so.
  • Circular Saw: You’ll need this when you need to cut down some of the shapes that you set aside in the end.
  • Hammer and Chisel:  You can chip at different edges of your cut-out pieces to make them more accurate using the hammer and chisel.

How to Make a Roof Ladder Hook?

We have put together four easy steps that you can use to easily construct your own roof ladder hook. They have all the information that we thought you’d need. So, properly follow it, and you’ll need a roof ladder hook in your hands in no time. Here they are:

Step 1: Get the Measurements Right

At first, you need to make sure that you’re getting all the measurements right. Because otherwise, your hook will not work the way that it’s supposed to. So, take a proper measure of the roof and the landing.

Then add in an extra 4 inches to that length. Now, prep two lumber pieces with this measurement to work as the rail length. Then put the rail length on the saw while keeping it on the edge and also put them side by side. Now, clamp them together.

Step 2: Determine the Layout Marks for the Ladder Rungs

Next up, you’ll need to determine the layout marks of your ladder rungs. You can start at any end of the rail length that you are working with. Now, make a layout every 12 inches as you move further in. In this case, you can use a builder’s square to maintain the 12-inch accuracy.

With all that, you can use a 1 by 4 inch utility lumber will be the ladder rungs. So, now you have to find the width. A 3 and ½ inch width usually works.

Step 3: Start Making the Cuts

With all the marking and determining done. We need to start getting to cuts the parts that we’ll be working with. Start by setting the blade of your circular saw to the thickness of your 1 by 4 inches lumber. Then use the saw to make crosscuts on your rails.

Now, try chipping at the wide sections using the hammer and chisel. Chip away 3.5 inches and use the chisel at the mid-section. The recesses need to be of ¾ inches. This should give you rails which are 16 inches in length and can be used as ladder rungs.

Step 4: Assemble the Whole Thing to Finish the Job

Lastly, you need to assemble everything together. Start by attaching the rungs to the rails. Place the rails, maintaining 16 inches of gaps in between, and keep the recesses upwards. Then put the ladder rungs into the recesses. Then drill some wood screws to attach them.

Now, finally, pad the hooks with material that doesn’t damage the roof shingles, and you should be good to go.

Final Words

That was all we had on how to make a roof ladder hook, and we hope that this helped. You can now take all this information and put it to some good use. Now, when you try to make your own roof ladder hook, make sure that you have protective gear on. Moreover, take the help of a professional if you haven’t done this before.

Other than that, we would love some feedback on your part. So, if you feel like we have missed something or there’s something else that we can cover here, feel free to contact us. Other than that, stay safe and work with care.

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