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Ladders have been around for many centuries, helping us reach higher grounds easier. However, this equipment has not been subjected to much innovation, leading to countless accidents and injuries.

With time, the four-legged design came into the market. But even with the four legs, the ladder was still not stable enough. The last innovation to have blessed the ladder design was the tripod design.

Even with three legs, this unique design has proven to offer more stability irrespective of the height. Choosing the best tripod ladder can be quite difficult given the numerous brands out there. So, we have put together a list of our top picks to aid your decision-making process.

Best Tripod Ladder Reviews

Putting in a close eye in terms of material construction and adjustability, we have picked out 5 of the best options in the market. Let’s take a look!

1. Werner FTP6212 300-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Tripod Ladder

Top Features

  • Double riveted slip-resistant steps
  • Comes in 5 height options from 4 to 12 feet
  • Spread handle design reduces the effort required when setting up

Able to Withstand up to 300 pounds

Constructed from high-quality fiberglass, this ladder is able to withstand heavy weights. Coming in at an overall weight of 51 pounds, you will be able to carry this ladder around at ease. Also, the fiberglass build will easily hold up to 300 pounds on top.

Reduces the Risk of Accidents

As with any ladder, you run the risk of slipping and falling off if you miss your step. The steps on this ladder were designed to increase the friction between your shoes and the surface of the steps. The traction tred steps will allow you to firmly climb the ladder without your legs slipping off.

Well Protected against Abrasion

The rails on the ladder feature a unique external shield which keeps the ladder protected from any sort of abrasion or damage. This enhances the durability of the rails, offering you long-lasting support.


  • Double riveted steps with traction tred design to prevent slipping
  • Allows you to easily store your tools on top
  • Fiberglass build can balance heavy weights
  • Available 5 sizes including 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 feet
  • Lightweight at just 51 pounds


  • Can cause stability issues on uneven grounds

Bottomline: The build quality and durability factors of this Werner ladder are great. Their traction tred steps are something that will definitely reduce your risks of injury. The lightweight body and tool setup on top sets it up as one of the best ladders for hedge cutting.

However, adjustable legs would have made this ladder much more versatile in terms of its purpose.

2. Louisville Ladder FT1510 Fiberglass Tripod Ladder

Top Features

  • Unique platform design to carry all your tools
  • 15% lighter than your average tripod ladder
  • Easy to use spreader braces for effortless opening and closing

Sturdy Double-Riveted Frame

All around the ladder, starting from the spreader braces to each step, you will notice the double rivets. These allow the frame to be sturdy and withstand heavy weights. Moreover, the double riveting boosts the overall durability of your ladder by keeping each joint secure.

Wider Steps for Enhanced Comfort

Each of the steps on the ladder has been increased in width in order to give you more surface area. This increases the balance as your feet have more space to hold you down. Also, the wider steps reduce the strain on your ankles by offering to spread your weight across a larger surface.

Conveniently Houses All Your Tools

Whether you’re carrying a paint bucket or simply taking off screws, this ladder will let you do it all. Louisville’s exclusive raptor top system comes with a magnet tray to keep your screws in close proximity. What’s more, it features a hardware tray, drill and tool slots, and even a paint bucket holder!


  • Fiberglass construction offers enhanced durability
  • Exclusive raptor top holds all sorts of equipment and tools
  • Raptor boot feet keeps your ladder planted with great balance
  • 15% lighter than most ladders of the same height
  • Double riveted frames ensure stability and reinforce the steps


  • Large base is not ideal when you need to work in tight spaces

Bottomline: Based on the numerous double riveted reinforcements in the frame, this ladder works better than most orchard ladders.

The fiberglass build also makes this ladder safe to use when working with electricity as it is non-conductive. Overall, this is quite durable and will offer a long service time. However, the large steps make it quite difficult to place the ladder in tight spots.

3. Werner Tripod Stepladder H 10 ft. Spread 71 in

Top Features

  • Double riveted steps for enhanced durability and sturdiness
  • Easy setup
  • Abrasion-resistant rail shield to protect from wear and tear

Lightweight Frame

When purchasing a tripod ladder, you should always consider the convenience of being able to move it. Move gardening or household ladder purposes require you to set up the ladder in different areas.

And so, this 42-pound ladder by Werner is perfect due to its lightweight frame. Move it around effortlessly as much as you want without having to require a second set of hands.

Enhanced Durability

The overall design of the ladder steps ensures a sturdy and balanced surface for you to stand on. Each of the steps has been double riveted in order to reinforce the joints of the steps to the ladder. This, in turn, increases the service time of your ladder and also allows it to carry extra weight.

Seats All Your Tools at the Top

The top of the ladder has a unique design with slots and cut-outs where you can keep your tools. This will increase your work efficiency as both your hands will be free. Furthermore, you won’t need extra help in passing you or carrying your tools.


  • Slip-resistant steps to prevent accidents
  • Lightweight construction
  • Tool slots help to keep your necessary equipment
  • Easy to open and close


  • Does not come in any other options other than the 10 feet one

Bottomline: The FTP6210 by Werner is certainly one of those ladders that are extremely versatile. They will accompany you in almost any household work and sometimes even professional purposes.

And the ladder does underperform in terms of stability and balance in soft ground. But with that pushed to the side, this should be just right for your day to day ladder needs.

4. Stokes Tripod Orchard Stepladder 5Ft Tele HSK

Top Features

  • Strong, high-quality aluminum build
  • 300-pound load capacity
  • Ribbed steps for increased friction

Strong and Sturdy Construction

Built with high-quality aluminum at its core, this 5 feet ladder by Stokes will give you the best service for years to come. Not only does the aluminum make the ladder less prone to dents and looseness, but it serves to make the overall frame lightweight.

Designed to Prevent Slipping

When creating each of the steps, Stokes has put in a lot of effort to come out with their new ribbed design. Each of the steps has a texture on the surface, which increases the friction with your feet and keeps you stable. Moreover, it will allow you to plant your feet better into the steps, as a result, prevent slipping.

Small and Compact Form Factor

Being a 5 feet ladder, this will fit into any corner of your garage. You don’t have to worry about space as the ladder design is also pretty minimalistic.

With more efforts on making the core strong, Stokes has given this ladder a basic silver look. Nonetheless, the height of the ladder makes it easy to carry and store in your garage or basement.


  • Carries a maximum capacity of 300 pounds
  • Features an aluminum build which is highly durable
  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy-to-set-up design
  • Ribbed step design to prevent slipping


  • The height of the ladder may be too short for most people

Bottomline: For those of you blessed with good height, this 5 feet ladder should come in handy. With hard surface kits pre-installed, you should have no problem getting right to fixing your problems. The aluminum frame will enhance the longevity of the ladder due to its strong bonding properties.

Using this ladder in a garden or area of soft ground will run its risks. Adjustable feet would definitely have been a great addition to the ladders running list of features.

5. Little Giant Ladders Select Step 6-10 Foot ladder

Top Features

  • Adjustable length makes it a stepladder when necessary
  • Wheels at the bottom for easy movement
  • Integrated tool slots to house all your equipment

Lightweight and Strong Build

The aluminum construction of the ladder makes it lightweight. Weighing around 45 pounds, you will be able to carry the ladder around easily. Moreover, the wheels make it much easier to transport the ladder on hard ground. The high-quality aluminum also enhances the durability of the ladder.

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Adjustable Height and Position

The ladder features a telescopic design, which allows you to fold out an extra set of steps based on your requirements. You can use this as a stepladder or even a full-fledged staircase. Furthermore, this is available in 2 sizes, 5 to 8 inches, and 6 to 10 inches. So based on your preferences, you can choose any one of the two sizes.

Comfortable Steps to Reduce Foot Fatigue

Each of the steps on this ladder has been made with your comfort in mind. The step has been designed with a larger surface area to give your foot more contact. This reduces the stress on your ankles as the base of your foot has more support.


  • Adjustable height can give you different height measurements in one unit
  • Integrated tool slots within the top cap
  • Wheels at the bottom for easy movement
  • Available in 2 different height measurements
  • The aluminum build makes the ladder lightweight while being highly durable


  • Ladder can seem a little unsteady when subject to movement

Bottomline: This adjustable ladder is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile ladders on the list. The wheels on its base make it ideal for any household repair work as it eases the moving process.

In addition, the adjustable-height feature makes it ideal for reaching places at different heights. But if you’re using this for your gardening purposes, the uneven grounds can prove to be an issue.

Tripod Ladders Buying Guide

Although there aren’t too many complications when choosing the right tripod ladder, you should still keep the following factors in mind.


When deciding on which ladder you should buy, always emphasize its purpose. If you need to reach objects that are high above the ground, you will need ladders that support the range.


The standing platform goes hand in hand with your ladder’s overall height. This is because you will be standing on top of the platform, which might be placed a quarter or half a meter from the top. You need to account for this measurement as a loss of half a meter might make it difficult to get the right height boost.

In addition, you should also focus on whether the standing platform has a wide enough base. The surface area of the platform will greatly affect your stability when working.


Ladders need to be constantly moved from one place to another, for which they need to be constructed from lightweight materials. One of the most common build materials used is aluminum. While being lightweight, it does not compromise on strength and durability.

Since your ladder will carry your entire body weight, it needs to be sturdy and strong. Most brands will use high-quality aluminum, which is ideal for this purpose.

Furthermore, the ladder needs to be resistant to rust and corrosion. Investing in a ladder that cannot fight off weather conditions will ultimately deteriorate in quality faster. As a result, you will be putting yourself at risk of falling over if the ladder becomes weak.

Feet Style

The stability of your ladder is dependent on its feet style. Most ladders in the market will feature a wide base of the feet with claws. The claws are important as they allow you to plant the ladder firmly onto the soft ground. This is perfect for situations where you need to trim your hedges in the garden. So, when you are looking for the best ladder for hedge cutting, you have to keep this feature in mind.

Alternatively, ladders also come with rubber caps on their feet to prevent sliding on hard ground. The rubber caps increase the friction between the feet and the ground and keep your ladder planted in one spot.

Versatile legs

If you have experience using 4-legged ladders, then you know that they don’t provide the best stability on uneven ground. Coming into contact with the uneven ground is inevitable when working.

Luckily, some of the tripod ladders come with adjustable legs that can balance your weight better. You might either find a ladder with one adjustable leg or all three. That depends on your choice and the purpose of the ladder. Having the ability to adjust all three legs makes the ladder quite versatile.


Choosing the best tripod ladder can be tricky as it entirely depends on the purpose you intend to use it for. For instance, if you’re looking for an orchard ladder, you need to prioritize the ladder’s ability to steady itself on uneven grounds.

In any case, paying close attention to the build quality and the available features should allow for easy decision making. Make sure you consider the height, or else you might end up with a ladder that doesn’t perform its core function.

Good luck!

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