The 7 Best RV Ladders to Buy in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Your RV is the center of your world. Beyond being a mobile home, it allows you to experience the world around you in unparalleled comfort.

But like all vehicles, they require maintenance. And given its size, reaching the top of an RV can be quite difficult if you don’t have the best RV ladder at your disposal. Even if your rig has a back ladder, you can benefit from a collapsible ladder that will allow you to freely access the sides and front of the vehicle.

A good RV ladder should be portable and easy to store, but more importantly, it should be durable. Keeping those factors in mind, we’ve gathered up the 7 following ladders for your consideration.

Best Pick

With a robust aluminum body and an impressive weight capacity of 250 pounds, the Stromberg Carlson Universal Exterior RV Ladder will allow you to climb up to the rooftop of your RV with ease. Not only is it durable, but it also offers myriad functionalities; it’s strong enough to be able to carry your chairs for you on the road!

Budget Pick

If you’re searching for an exterior RV ladder on a budget, this Stromberg Carlson ladder will suit your needs perfectly. It’s lightweight yet durably built, and it can easily be adjusted to suit your RV’s dimensions. What’s more, it’s quite beautiful too, if we do say so ourselves.

Best RV Ladders Reviews

Below, we’ve rounded up 7 RV ladders that we think are most worth your consideration. Each of these ladders is suited to a different purpose, so make sure to check the specifications carefully before choosing one!

1. Stromberg Carlson 139.21 LA-401 Universal Exterior RV Ladder

Top Features

  • Constructed with tubing of 1″ diameter
  • Aluminum construction makes it durable and strong
  • Enables you to easily access the roof of your rig
  • Has a weight capacity of 250 pounds

Built to Fit Snugly

Don’t be fooled by this product’s slight build; this is a ladder that will accommodate the backside shape of your rig very easily. With tubing having a diameter of 1″, this ladder is light yet fits snugly. Making your way up to the RV’s roof will be easier than ever!

Sturdy Aluminum Construction

As far as RV exterior ladders go, the best ones are possibly those that are made from aluminum. Not only is aluminum a sturdy and robust material from which to construct ladders, but it also provides superior durability. At the same time, it’s lightweight, so don’t worry about this ladder weighing your RV down.

Expands Your RV’s Storage

This ladder is not just a ladder. That is to say; you can do more than just climb on it. Its rugged construction is so dependable that you can even hang your folding chairs on its rungs on your way to the next campsite. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, after all!


  • Sturdy and durable aluminum construction for dependable use
  • Offers extra storage for objects such as chairs
  • Appealing silver color to enhance your RV’s aesthetic
  • Made to fit the exact contours of your rig


  • The assembly and installation process is time-consuming

Bottomline: When it comes down to it, this is a pretty straightforward exterior ladder for your RV. The aluminum construction is timeless and always dependable. That being said, installing this ladder is an admittedly time-consuming and potentially frustrating task, especially if you’ve never done it before.

2. Surco 502L Universal Motorhome Straight Ladder

Top Features

  • Fitted with wide non-slip steps for safe ascension
  • Comes with 4 stand-offs which can be installed in any part of the ladder
  • Sturdy and long-enduring heavy gauge aluminum construction
  • Boasts a weight capacity of 250 pounds

Dependable and Sturdy Construction

As we have already established, aluminum is one of the best materials of choice in RV ladder construction. The manufacturers of this ladder take that a step further, having used heavy gauge aluminum for its construction. Expect to use this ladder for many years to come!

Polished for Extra Protection

The life of an exterior ladder isn’t easy; it’s constantly exposed to harmful external elements. With that in mind, Surco has equipped this ladder with a bright-dipped polish finish, which makes it weatherproof and enhances its durability.

Built for Safety and Convenience

Undoubtedly our favorite thing about this ladder is its design. Its rungs have all been endowed with a generous width and made to be non-slip. Not only does this make climbing easier, but safer as well. What’s more, you can use the 4 extra stand-offs if you require additional support.


  • Comes with specialized hinges to fit your RV better
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction makes it durable and long-enduring
  • Extra stand-offs and anti-slip wide steps make for safe and easy climbing


  • The installation instructions might be confusing for some

Bottomline: This aluminum exterior ladder for your RV is one of the best you can find, thanks to its robust construction and durable build. Climbing to the roof of your rig will be made easier and safer. Plus, with its bright, polished finish, this ladder will also stand out beautifully against your RV!

3. Stromberg Carlson LA-460B 60” Black Bunk Ladder

Top Features

  • Integrated hooks allow for easy installation
  • Durable yet lightweight build of 6.5 pounds
  • Measures 60 inches in height

Made for Easy Access to Bunk Beds

Bunk ladders are an essential item for any RV with bunk beds. If your RV doesn’t already come with a bunk ladder, then you’re going to love the ease that this ladder will provide you in climbing up to the top. The padded rubber treads make for a sure and easy step for ultimate convenience and safety.

Lightweight Build and Durable Construction

Made from sturdy, durable material, this ladder is bound to stick around in your RV for years to come. Despite that, the ladder is impressively lightweight at only 6.5 pounds, so don’t worry about it weighing down your RV. Plus, if you need to remove it, that can be done in a jiffy!

Can be Installed in Two Ways

Stromberg Carlson is a brand that cares about making your life easier, and it shows. Installing bunk bed ladders should be an easy process, and it is so with this one. It can be installed in one of two ways: using hooks or using extrusions, depending on your preferences or needs.


  • Padded rubber treads allow for a safe and easy climb
  • The appealing black finish will fit the aesthetics of any RV
  • The lightweight build makes it easy to uninstall in minutes
  • Designed to accommodate two types of installation for your convenience


  • Might not be able to accommodate the weight of larger passengers

Bottomline: Accessing your RV’s bunk bed shouldn’t be a chore. This ladder makes ascension into bedtime quick and easy, and thanks to its padded rubber treads, you’ll find an even and sure footing every time. However, we would recommend that RVers on the heavy side always take the bottom bunk.

4. Stromberg Carlson LA-460 60″ Bunk Ladder

Top Features

  • Strong and long-enduring aluminum construction
  • Padded rubber treads on rungs for easy climbing
  • Has a weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Measures 60 inches in height with 1-inch diameter tubing

Provides Easy Access

This bunk ladder is one of our favorites, mainly for its versatility. Not only will this ladder allow you easy access to the top bunk, but you can expect it to come to the rescue when you need to reach something on a top shelf or high cupboard.

Durable and Safe Construction

With a body made of aluminum tubing, this ladder promises to last you for many, many trips. What’s more, its rungs are widely spaced with 11-inch intervals, allowing you to step easily and surely. You can even climb the ladder barefoot as the rubber treads will ensure your comfort!

Ease of Installation

Like the other Stromberg Carlson model we reviewed previously, this one is also designed for dual installation methods. Depending on your needs, you can choose to use the large hooks for a more temporary installation or extrusions for a permanent fit.


  • Widely spaced rungs make it easy to climb barefoot
  • Can be installed in one of two ways for your convenience
  • High weight capacity makes it suitable for adults as well as children
  • Durably constructed with aluminum tubing and rubber treads
  • Can be trimmed easily if a different height is required


  • The ladder might be unstable inside some RV models

Bottomline: As far as bunk ladders go, we think it’s difficult to go wrong with a Stromberg Carlson model. With its rubber treads, wide rung spacing, sturdy aluminum construction, and high weight capacity, this is a ladder that won’t let you down.

5. Surco 501L Universal Motorhome Ladder

Top Features

  • Tough heavy gauge 1-inch aluminum construction
  • Designed for installation on the RV’s exterior
  • Lightweight build with a high weight capacity
  • Allows for easy installation on most RVs

Hardy Aluminum Construction

Exterior ladders for an RV should always be made of tough, durable materials that will not only last for many years but be able to shoulder the weight of adult users. Thanks to its heavy-gauge aluminum construction, this ladder succeeds in doing just that.

Provides Convenience and Comfort

Climbing a ladder should be as easy as 1-2-3. Keeping that in mind, Surco has equipped this ladder’s rungs with a non-slip texture and given it extra width to ensure that you can find a sure footing every time you climb up. Should you feel unsure of the ladder’s safety, you can use the four included stand-offs to enhance its stability.

Designed to Fit Your RV

One of the main concerns regarding exterior ladders for RVs is whether it will fit properly. The good news is that this exterior ladder from Surco comes with a unique hinge system, which allows it to be affixed to the vast majority of RVs out there!


  • The polished finish adds a touch of modern aestheticism to your RV
  • Equipped with special hinges to adjust to your RV’s contours
  • Compatible with the vast majority of RV models
  • Comes with extra-wide non-slip steps for convenience and comfort


  • The bracket system is somewhat poorly made

Bottomline: With its aluminum construction, convenient design, and wide, non-slip textured rungs, this is a ladder that will suit your needs just fine if you’re searching for an exterior ladder.

6. Top Line (BL200-05) Bunk Ladder

Top Features

  • Super strong aluminum alloy construction
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • Equipped with 60-inch hooks for installation
  • 1.5-inch opening enhances installation

Offers Versatile Applications

As a bunk ladder, this product is designed to get you up to the top bunk safely and comfortably. But you can just as easily use it to reach other high-up spots within your RV, be it the cupboard or a top-shelf. Once you’re done, you can use it in your stationary home as well!

Quality Construction and Thoughtful Design

Our favorite thing about this ladder is its top-notch construction. Made from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, this ladder is one of the toughest we have found during our research. Furthermore, the ladder’s steps are spaced widely apart, making the climb easier.

Comfortable for Your Feet

The mark of a good ladder is one that ensures the comfort and safety of your feet. Top Line has equipped this ladder with padded steps, which not only ensure you won’t slip but also creates a comfortable foothold.


  • Steps have been padded to ensure your comfort and safety
  • Finishing on all components to prevent snagging or scratching
  • Can be used as a bunk ladder or for other purposes


  • The ladder is somewhat heavy due to its strong construction

Bottomline: This is definitely one of the toughest ladders we have found, with its aluminum alloy construction and high weight capacity. The installation of it is also super easy thanks to 60-inch hooks, and you can use it for various purposes. That being said, if your RV is easily burdened with weight, you should skip this ladder.

7. Stromberg Carlson LA-401BA Universal Outdoor RV Ladder

Top Features

  • Made to comfortably fit the exterior of most RVs
  • Comes with mounting hardware and four stand-offs
  • Made with 1″ diameter ladder tubing
  • Lightweight yet hardy and durable construction

Compatible with Most RVs

As an exterior ladder, this product has a lot to live up to, and it seems to be perfectly capable of that. Its design and installation process is such that this ladder will fit the exterior of most RVs, be they curved or straight.

Easy and Convenient Installation

There is really something to be said for thoughtful manufacturers. Stromberg Carlson has included with this package the mounting hardware required for installation, along with four stand-offs that you can place anywhere for enhanced ladder stability.

Eye-Pleasing Black Finish

Unlike the other exterior ladders we have reviewed today, this one comes with a black finish on its aluminum body. We love the classic look of it, and it will no doubt enhance the aesthetics of any RV it’s installed upon!


  • Can be cut to adjust the length according to your RV’s dimensions
  • Compatible with both contoured and straight RV bodies
  • Four included stand-offs allow you to adjust the fitting
  • Beautiful black finishing to enhance your RV’s aesthetic appeal


  • Might bend under the weight of users weighing over 200 pounds

Bottomline: As with all Stromberg Carlson ladders, this one seems well suited to the task of an exterior ladder for your RV. That being said, the strength and durability of this ladder seem to be somewhat questionable. So if you or other members of your RV family are on the heavy side, you might want to skip this one.

Best Collapsible Ladder for RV – Buying Guide

What is the best RV ladder? As we’ve said, it’s one that’s durable, offers storage convenience, and preferably lightweight. But that’s not all. Here’s what you need to keep in mind before making your purchase.

Build Material and Quality

Who wants to keep buying ladder after ladder? Not us, that’s for sure, which is why it’s important to find for yourself a ladder that is durably built and resistant to harmful external influences such as rust and corrosion.

This, of course, means choosing a ladder made from a long-enduring, robust material. Aluminum is usually the best material to go for as it’s not only stronger than others but lightweight as well. You can go for steel if you want something that will really last a while, but be careful about low-quality ones that might rust easily.

You should avoid plastic if you can unless you think you’ll only be using your new ladder for indoor applications. However, once again, it depends on the quality of the plastic used to make the ladder; not all plastic ladders are bad. Besides, if you’re searching for a portable RV ladder, plastic will be the most lightweight option.

Remember to also look into the quality of the ladder’s feet (which are there to prevent skidding). Since these tend to wear out over time, it’s better to go for ladders with relatively thicker feet. Even in collapsible RV ladders, this is an important distinction that will ensure both your safety and the safety of your RV’s floors.

RV Specifications

The majority of RV ladders are installed directly on the vehicle’s exterior; however, your RV might not be one that can support an exterior ladder. In that case, you’re better off buying a portable or telescoping ladder for your RV.

Also, consider the overall weight increase that a ladder will cause for your RV. If it’s already substantially heavy or if you tend to bring a lot of stuff with you on your travels, it might harm your RV to have to carry a hefty ladder. Typically, it’s best to go with a ladder with a lightweight build.

Intended Usage

Before choosing a ladder for your RV, it’s important to take into consideration exactly what you’ll be doing with it. Will you be using it inside the RV? Can your RV even fit the full height of the ladder? The answers to these questions will also determine the type of ladder you should aim to buy; we’ve covered that below.

Ladder Type

With all of the above in mind, now it’s time to decide what style or type of ladder you want for your RV. Let’s look at each type in turn.

Exterior Ladder

If you’re reading this article, the chances are high of you looking for an exterior ladder for your RV. These are installed to the RV’s exterior to allow access to the roof. If you’re seeking an exterior ladder, it’s extremely important to choose one that is weatherproof and resistant to rust or corrosion.

All-Purpose Ladder

As the name suggests, all-purpose or general-purpose ladders can be used in a variety of applications. They tend to be adjustable for pre-set heights. Typically, an all-purpose ladder can serve the uses of a wall ladder, step ladder, or scaffold.

Telescopic Ladder

Some people confuse telescoping ladders with adjustable, extending, or collapsible ladders. However, they’re not the same; each of the steps of a telescoping ladder can be locked into place, making it far more adjustable. This involves some unique locking technology, so telescopic ladders do tend to be slightly more expensive.

Rack Ladder

Like exterior ladders, rack ladders also go on the outside of your rig and are ideal if you’re looking to expand the storage space in your RV. They can typically be attached to the back or even the side and are perfect for securely carrying bikes or other heavy items.

Step Ladder

The good old step ladder is perfect if you’re looking for something to give you a little height boost in the interior of your RV, such as when you’re trying to reach a high cupboard. Because of their small size and lightweight build, step ladders are very easy to store and are usually foldable.

Final Words

The best RV ladders are those that will not only offer you functionality but are built to last. However, the intended usage of the ladder should also be taken into account before choosing one; you won’t have much use for an exterior ladder if you’re simply trying to climb up to the top bunk!

Whichever you choose, we hope our reviews have come in handy. Good luck, and happy camping!

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