6 Best Roof Ladders in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Ladders are an integral part of a worker’s tool kit, and while their use may seem simple, every year, over 300 deaths occur from ladder-related injuries in the US alone!

This shows ladders should be picked carefully and handled smartly. The risks rise if rooftop work is involved, such as repairs and installations.

If you have worked on the roof, chances are, you just make do with a conventional ladder. But that’s hardly enough! For improved safety, and more efficiency you need something better.

That’s why we bring the best roof ladders for you to choose from. Our top 6 picks encompass the best brands and guarantee safety above all else. So, let’s waste no time, and get on with it!

Best Pick

Why settle for one, when you can have five? The Little Giant Ladders, Revolution is our best pick.

Giving five options in one, it is one for the versatile workers to use every day. You no longer need to buy different ladders for different tasks if you have this bad boy, just choose from its many uses and get done with your task in record time!

Budget Pick

Our budget pick is the Werner D6232-2 Extension-ladders, 32-Foot ladder. This product comes with a plethora of features packed into one compact package.

With non-conductive rails and excellent safety grips, it is truly one for the money!

6 Best Roof Ladders Reviews

Get ready for the product reviews, complete with a short description of each amazing brand. See if you find your ultimate pick here.

1. Louisville Ladder FE3240 Fiberglass Step Ladder

Top Features

  • Large load capacity
  • Fiberglass build
  • Good extension

Adequately Dimensioned

While finding the right dimension can sometimes prove to be rather difficult, this product helps to circumvent that issue. With a maximum height of 35 ft, it is more than adequate in getting to those hard-to-get places.

Durable and Strong

This is a product made for durability and toughness. With a 300 pound frame, it stands well above other products in the durability section. Moreover, the fiberglass composition makes it perfect to endure hard hits that may occur in case it falls.

It is not prone to damage or fracture that easily, making the product a good choice for plumbing or painting work.

High Safety

This is one of the best steep roof ladder you will find going around the market, and its safety features play a key role in that. With safety shoes, it can grip the surface better than most conventional ladders.

Easy to Stand on

While most ladders of similar build can be quite tiresome to stand on, this one is different from the pack. Equipped with especially D shaped rungs or stepping platforms, you can work at ease knowing that you are standing safely and comfortably.

Maximum Protection

Don’t worry about damage to the landing surface anymore. With rail end caps, this product sits comfortably on top of any platform you place it on.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Capable of sustaining large forces
  • Ideal for jobs requiring balance, such as utility pole repairs


  • Extension can be a bit tricky

Bottomline: A high-end ladder for steep roofs, this product is a must if you routinely work on roofs or atop inclined planes. Its durable build and stable platform guarantee assurance.

2. Werner D7132-2 375-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass

Top Features

  • Engineered with fiberglass
  • Base section detachable
  • Can accommodate accessories

Good Extension

What use is a ladder that does not extend? While most ladders have an extensive range of 10 feet max, this one can extend at an astounding 29 feet. That is impressive given that it already measures at 32 feet.

With this level of extension, working on rooftops, high walls, and poles is no longer an issue at all.


To be more specific, the base and fly are separate from each other. This allows you to use the entire base section as one complete ladder.

Slip Resistant Shoe

While working in wet conditions, or slightly slippery surfaces, slippage can pose to be a serious risk. This product negates that with its slip-resistant shoe and pad.

This provides a better grip on the surface, thereby preventing any unfortunate accidents.


Durability is the key to a good ladder. With its fiberglass composition, this product is simply amazing in this sector.

Pre Made Holes

Accessories are important, and you never know which one you might need. That is why this product comes with a number of predrilled holes to allow you to fit and fix different accessories whenever needed.


  • High traction D rungs
  • Rail is very durable
  • The base can be used as a ladder entirely
  • Rungs can be replaced whenever needed


  • A bit on the heavier side

Bottomline: Ideal for a number of uses, this ladder offers flexibility in use and ensures safety at the same time.

3. DeWalt DXL3420-16PG 16-Foot Fiberglass

Top Features

  • Engineered from tough material
  • Over 300-pound capacity
  • Quick latch mechanism for safety

Stable Hand Grip

One key difference and highlight between this product and many of its competitors is the types of handgrips it employs.

This product employs fully aluminum handgrips and it does so for a good reason. The handgrip makes it easier to grip and aluminum adds to that effect. By making it easier to grip, the chances of slippage are drastically reduced.

High Load Bearing Ability

Be enthralled by this product’s amazing capacity to sustain heavy loads. With a capacity of 375 pounds, this ladder can compete with the heavyweights.

Rubber Caps

The rubber caps have been placed right at the bottom of the ladder. The rubber caps help to ensure that the surface on which the ladder is standing does not undergo damage.

Protective Cover

The rails are covered with a highly durable polyester veil that repels water and dirt. This ensures that you can use the product even when it is wet or raining outside, and not worry about rust.


  • Strong and easy aluminum grip
  • Rubber capped shoes for surface protection
  • Polyester cover for water protection
  • Steel made shoes for stability


  • None found

Bottomline: This ladder is ideal for electrical pole workers, who have to climb to dangerous heights to get work done. Its safety features are an ideal package for people who have to engage in risky activities!

4. Little Giant Ladders, SkyScraper, M21, 11-21 Foot, Stepladder, Aluminum

Top Features

  • Full aluminum body
  • Meets OSHA standards
  • Compliant with ANSI regulations


Little Giant Ladder Systems are renowned for producing very unique designs. This particular model is the height of convenience. It is adjustable enough to let you reach even very high objects, such as ceilings or chandeliers.

Staircase Compatible

While many ladders have the issue of not working well around staircases, this particular product helps to bypass that problem. You can fix it right over the theater setting or stairways, broadening your range of work.

Height Adjustments

With specially designed lock tabs, there is not much you have to do to alter the height. Whenever the work requires, you can quickly adjust it as per requirements and finish the task with ease.

Dual Side High Load Capacity

With both sides of this product capable of enduring 300 pounds with ease, there is longer any reason for you to worry about putting too much pressure on one side.

Safety Standards

This product meets all the safety standards assigned to it, including the vigorous ones from ANSI. This makes it a well-endorsed model.


  • Can reach very high objects
  • Easy height adjustments
  • Can hold equal load forces on both sides
  • Endorsed by credible standards


  • A bit large for smaller framed individuals to navigate with

Bottomline: This is a ladder that can help you accomplish the hardest tasks with ease. The fully aluminum body allows for easy transporting, and high load capacity makes it ideal for larger framed users.

5. Werner D6232-2 Extension-ladders, 32-Foot

Top Features

  • Detachable base section
  • High load capacity, exceeding 300 pounds
  • Electrically inert rails

High-End Durability

Durability is essential in any ladder or household product, and this one surely delivers on that. With a special heavy-duty rating, it comes as no surprise that it can support over 300 pounds of raw force.

Smooth Extension

Smooth extensions can save time, hassle, and energy. This product, with its easy and smooth extension, is remarkably easy to use, despite its intricate build and feature assembly.

Base Can be Utilized

One key feature of this product is how well the base can separate from the fly section. This allows you to fully utilize the base as a single ladder when required.

No-Slip Pad

Safety should be highly valued, and to ensure that during use, this product comes with special slip-resistant footpads. You can thus set the product on soft soil if needed, and not worry about tilting or falling over.


By nonconductivity, we mean that the rails will not sap current through, and pose a risk of electrocution. Hence, it can be used by electrical line workers, with full assurance of safety.


  • Rail does not conduct electricity
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Pre-drilled holes allow for accessories
  • Highly durable due to various components


  • Legs not adjustable

Bottomline: The inert and nonconductive body of this ladder makes it a premium choice among electrical line workers. Its beneficial features can be enjoyed around the house too, making it a good residential product.

6. Little Giant Ladders, Revolution

Top Features

  • Made with high-grade aluminum body
  • Length adjustment system allows for easy handling
  • Drastic reduction in weight

Sturdy Build

Sturdy and stable are the name of the game in the ladder industry, and this product, with its all-aluminum frame, is a reminder of that fact. The aluminum moreover, is no ordinary one, it is aerospace-grade.

That’s actually the stuff they use in planes, in case you are wondering. With a weight holding capacity of 300 pounds, this product does justice its brand.

Rapid Adjustments

With a special locking system, this product allows you to manipulate the height and length with amazing celerity. All you need to do is push and lock, then relock to get to your desired length.

Comfortable and Safe

Being safe and comfortable do not often go hand in hand, as one trumps the other. However, this product proves how both can complement each other to bring the best outcomes. With deep treads, your feet will have more ground to stand on, preventing loss of balance.

With a wide rung, your legs will not even feel tired, even after extended sessions on this ladder.

Multiple Uses

Versatility is another key aspect of this amazing product. As a matter of fact, you can use this ladder in a total of 5 ways. These include an A-frame ladder, a staircase ladder, a 90-degree ladder, a trestle-and-plank scaffolding system, and an extension ladder.

With so many options to choose from, getting to even the hardest to reach places will no longer pose any danger or problems!


  • Can be used in various ways
  • Reduces fatigue and strain on legs
  • Fast height manipulation
  • Meets OSHA health and safety standards


  • Does not have ladder hooks for steep roofs

Bottomline: Complete with a cargo hold to contain all your tools, this versatile product is simply amazing. Use it for any task around the house, and rest assured that you will get it done quickly, smartly, and safely.

Buying Guide

With the reviews out of the way, it is time to dive into some specifics. Here, we will discuss the top features you should look out for before investing in a roof ladder.

So read this section to be enlightened and make a better investment!

Load Capacity

First and foremost is the load capacity, also called weight capacity. Ladders have to take a bulk of the force, and with a low capacity, things could get dangerous.

Most ladders are equipped with a capacity of 300 pounds or so, but it is not uncommon to find ones in the 350-pound range or more (as is the case with a steep pitch roof ladder, which has to take on more mass).

Hence, when it comes to the overall capacity, more is better, as you might have to scale the ladder with various tools in tow, so extra support will be needed.


The choice of material is not a trivial one, as there are now a number of materials available. We will discuss the common ones.

Steel: Steel is undeniably sturdy, rigid, and capable of taking hits and bumps. Steel is also very hard to break, meaning the ladder is well protected against cracks or fractures.

However, it is also quite heavy, so you will have to exert more effort with it, and possibly need help to pull it around.

However, it is not a bad choice at all.

Aluminum: A much lighter material, aluminum is the manufacturer’s choice nowadays and is gradually replacing steel.

It is capable of supporting loads of high magnitude and moreover, it comes without the weight of steel. This means you can pull it around much more easily.

Aluminum is also quite resistant to corrosion and rusting, making it a prime choice for outdoor work.

When looking into ladders, give aluminum a good thought.

Fiberglass: A much newer material, and essentially a composite of glass. This material is also very light in weight and has a great load-bearing ability.

However, the bad news is that not all manufacturers use this material to make their ladders, since it is expensive to produce.

If given the chance, it is also one of the materials you could consider, provided it meets your budget.

Others: This category includes wood/plywood. These are old fashioned materials and are not in vogue today.

They have been gradually replaced with the ones mentioned above. Yet, for small scale ladders, they are still sometimes used, so if your work is of a smaller scale, then you could consider these choices.

Usability on Various Surfaces

This is a very crucial point many people do not even consider. There is a common notion, albeit the wrong one, that a ladder is only used on flat and hard surfaces.

This could not be farther from the truth. In the past, ladders were surely made that way, but now they are made for uneven surfaces as well.

There is no telling when you might end up on uneven ground, so it is always better to invest in a ladder that has adjustable legs or legs suitable for mounting on uneven/soft surfaces.

Roof Use

When working on repairs, a trip to the roof is close to inevitable. There are a plethora of reasons why you would need to access the roof. From repairs to inspections, to installing solar panels, reasons are aplenty.

In this case, not every ladder will do, and you will require a special goat steep assist roof ladder. These units come with special poles with hooks on them and allow to nimbly climb a top roofs.

Much like a goat climbing a steep place, these special ladders will make it easier to access even the steepest angles. Getting a ladder-like this, or any that has specialized hooks to ease the climbing can make life easier for you.

Hence, this is also something worth considering.

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As we finally reach the end of this article, we hope you finally found the best roof ladders. If not, we hope our pointers nudged you in the right direction. All that remains now is to go out there and make that investment. Till then, take care, and stay safe! Happy repairing!

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