7 Best Roof Ladder Hooks | To Work On Steep Roof With Confidence

Looking for an ideal method of securing the top of your roof ladder to the rooftop?

Then, using a ridge hook or roof hook is a lifesaving option for you.

When it comes to using a ladder safely on the roof with extreme pitch, the roof hook is one of the best ladder safety accessories. It provides a safe foothold to work on multiple tasks such as shingle repair, chimney maintenance, repair step flash or skylight installation and more.

By now, you’ll be wondering what the best roof ladder hooks are.

In this roof ladder hook review, we’ve rounded up 7 best-selling models where you can find the right one for you from this over-flooded market.

Let’s discover them.

Best Pick

Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone Ladder Hook 65005 is our top pick for its quality, performance, and versatility. It’s a reliable option to use in heavy-duty applications.

It’s expertly crafted from yellow Zinc plated steel for durability and safety. It works great with single or extension ladders.

The flexible wheels, rubber-grip T-bar, and adjustable clamp with wing nuts offer you ease-of-use and safety.

Budget Pick

Qualcraft Ladder Hook 2481 is an affordable option to buy. But for its quality, performance, and versatility, it’s highly-rated and appreciated by the users.

The powder-coated steel construction offers you the robustness and durability you need to climb on it. The adjustable clamp with wing nuts let you fit and set it quickly. The flexible wheel makes it safe to use on roof without damaging it.

It performs beautifully with single or extension ladders of steel, wood, or fiberglass. The versatility of Qualcraft 2481 in fitting on various types of ladders makes it worth the price.

Reviews of Our Recommended 7 Best Roof Ladder Hooks

Our team of experts researches dozens of models based on brand quality, value, and user reviews. Then, we’ve shortlisted 7 top-rated models for in-depth research to recommend to you the best one.

The following 7 ridge hooks are best in terms of quality-to-price and quality-to-performance ratio.

Here are the details:

1. Qualcraft Ladder Hook with Wheel, 2481

Top Features

The Qualcraft 2481 is a high-end ridge hook. You have to place it over the roof ridge to prevent the ladder from slipping.

It works great with extension and single ladders of steel, wood, or fiberglass. It’s easy to fit between the top rungs of the ladder in the round and “D” rung styles.

Qualcraft 2481 is expertly crafted from powder-coated steel. This durable construction offers strength and reliable support.

The flexible wheel adds convenience. You can move up and down it safely and without causing any damage to your roof.

You can adjust the clamp quickly and effectively by tightening or loosening a wing nut as needed. It helps the hook stays stable and non-slippery.

There is no better option for climbing up onto the roof more easily and safely than the Qqualcraft 2481. It’s an excellent product for the price!

2. Tie Down Engineering 65005 Roof Zone Ladder Hook with Wheel Roof Ridge Extension (Pack of 2)

Top Features

Roof zone ladder hook 65005 easily and quickly turns any extension or single ladder into a safe and effective roof ladder. You can also use it with a telescoping ladder.

The kit includes two hooks for each ladder that you’ll need to attach the top two rungs of the ladder. Conveniently, it works with most or all peaked-roof styles.

For safely reaching your steep roof, you can rely on this best ladder hook. Thanks to its high-quality yellow zinc plated steel construction that makes it long-lasting and durable.

This pair of reinforced hook offers better stability. What’s more, the rubber Grip T-bar of this model has the best design that prevents the shingles and metal roofs from damaging.

Additionally, it features a wheel that lets you easily roll up your ladder to the rooftop. The wheels are fixed that offers you better control when running up and down roof.

Tie Down Engineering Roof Zone 65005 is the best ladder hook for metal roofs. This well-made tool will help you to feel very confident while climbing on steep roofs.

3. Acro Building Systems 11082 Roof Ridge Ladder Hook With Wheel & Swivel Bar

Top Features

The Acro Brand 11082 is a premium-quality ladder hook and a must-have for safety working at any height to steady your ladder, especially on wet or icy surfaces. Conveniently, it requires only one per ladder.

It is intended for use with round rungs and D-rung ladder that instantly attaches the ladder to the peak of the steep roof. You can also use it over the ridge caps on steel roofs or the ridge vents on shingle roofs.

This roofing ladder hook has extra strength that can hold up to 300-pound weight. Thanks to its high-quality metal construction and reinforced rod around hook, which assure the durability and long life of the product.

Featuring a locking arm and pitch-adjusting hook, it creates a safe way to work on chimney, antennas and even satellite dishes. It attaches quickly and locks securely.

The fixed caster allows easy movement of the ladder on the roof. What more, it features a swivel bar that holds on to the ridge firmly to provide a safe step to work from.

Overall, Acro Roof Ridge 11082 is a great safety accessory for the mounting ladder on the roof. It’s very well built, simple to use, looks, and feels very secure.

4. Titan, 81DR, Roof Hook

Top Features

The Titan (81DR) Roof Hook makes it simple to connect your ladder to the roof. It attaches to any style extension ladder. And you need only 1 per ladder.

The all-metal construction ensures its strength and durability. It features a wheel on the back, so you can roll-up your ladder easily without damaging your roof.

The T-bar grip provides stability while you are climbing and working on your ladder.

For anyone who is looking for an affordable hook for his/her ladder to climb the roof safely, it’s the right product to pick today.

5. Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit

Top Features

Werner 15-1 is a high-quality, top-rated ladder hook at a reasonable price. It comes as a pair with all hardware and instructions.

It’s compatible with all Werner single section aluminum and fiberglass ladders. You can permanently install it on the ladder for instant uses. It also works with a ridge vent.

The best aspect of this Werner roof ladder hook is you can easily stow it when not in use for hassle-free storage. Thanks to its 90-degree pivot feature.

Werner 15-1 folding roof hooks are strong enough for the purpose for which they are intended.

6. Sotech Roof Ladder Hook with Wheel

Top Features

Sotech Roof Ladder stabilizer is an easy-to-use hook that demands no special design to fit. It fits multiple types of ladder- extension, single or telescopic ladder. It looks solid enough for its use.

Premium aluminum alloy construction is superior, corrosion-resistant and will last for a long time. It ensures safety while climbing on the rood. This ridge hook offers extreme strength and superior durability for holding up to 330 pounds weight.

And you can use this hook without damaging your metal roof of shingles. Thanks to its rubber grip T-Bar. It also helps to settle on the roof firmly for stabilizing the ladder for safe uses.

Of course, you can move and position your ladder easily. The wheel helps you to slide and position your ladder on the roof without difficulty at any height required.

Importantly, this model is EN131 CERTIFIED meaning it meets all the safety standards and is in compliance with the EN131 requirements

Finally, it comes with a user manual, so you’ll be to assemble it easily.

Sotech roof ladder hook is suitable for individuals and professionals. The unique structure makes it worth the money for a longer life. With the smart design and mechanism, it’ll prove to be a handy product.

7. Acro Building Products Chicken Ladder Hook 11610

Top Features

Acro Building 11610 makes working on steep slopes safer and faster. It’s a heavy-duty hook compatible with chicken ladder that makes it easy to maneuver and access those hard-to-reach roof areas.

It creates climbing aid up to 24-inch. It combines with four chicken ladders for lengths of 6′, 12′, 18′, or 24′.

The 10-inch hook features a ½-inch reinforcement bar. The reverse wheel on the hook makes it simple to roll-up the ladder on a steeply pitched roof without damage.

The T-bar protects from letting the ladder move around while climbing it and working off of it.

For climbing steep slope roofs more safely with the Acro Chicken ladder, this ridge is superb.

Best Roof Ladder Hooks Buying Guide

Like any other steep roof ladder safety accessories, there’s a wide range of features and designs for the roof ridge ladder hook.

However, some factors determine the performance of a ladder hook. So, you need to know what to look for to find exactly the right one to suit your purpose.

This buying guide will help you a lot in this regard.

Choose between the materials

Like other ladder accessories, ridge hooks come with various construction materials. The common materials used for ladder roof hooks are steel, aluminum, and plastic, or rubber.

Steel hooks are robust and highly durable that hold the roof ladder securely in place with the weight on it. But these are somewhat heavy. On the other hand, aluminum hooks are strong and relatively lightweight.

Some ladder hooks are made of solid rubber or high-impact ABS plastic. These are the best option to roll across the shingles or metal roofs without damaging them.

Consider how easy it is to assemble and disassemble

You may need to mount or dismount the hooks frequently. So, we recommend you to choose a model that is easy to install and uninstall.


Having the attached wheel with the hook will make your work as easy as possible. It is useful to easily roll the ladder up and down on the roof.

Rubber grips

Some models come with rubberized T-grip on the end of the hooks. To use the hook avoiding the damage to your shingle or roof, it’s a very useful feature.  Lots of weight on your ladder may pressure the contact point of the hooks and roof that may damage your roof. Rubber grips absorb some of that pressure and prevent damage.

Roof ladder hook price

This safety accessory comes with different price tags. Some require a single hook, while others need two hooks for safely uses. For this reason, some hooks are sold singly, and some sold in pairs. We recommend comparing the prices individually.

Considering all these factors or features will help you to choose the best possible safety guard out there. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a poor-quality one that may make your roofing project hazardous.


All these 7 best roof ladder hooks that we’ve reviewed above are worth your money. Each will offer you the right balance of reliability, durability, and overall value.

After going through our guides, you are probably better informed about choosing the best ridge hook. We hope you’ve found the right one to secure the ladder to your roof’s peak.

Thanks for reading our best roof ridge ladder hook reviews.

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