7 Best Ladders For Electrical Work in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Safety is of utmost importance for any electrician. Beyond proper maintenance of tools, wearing the right clothing, and closely adhering to a code of conduct, it’s also important to use the best ladder for electrical work.

It’s just a ladder, right? What could be so special about it? Well, beyond allowing you to reach high places safely, a ladder suited to electrical work will also ensure your safety with a suitable locking mechanism, non-conductive construction, and compatibility with the task at hand—among other factors.

So today, we’ve not only shared with you our guide to choosing the right electrical ladder but also our top picks currently to be found on the market. Find them below!

Best Pick

The Old Blue Electrician’s Fiberglass Stepladder is one of Werner’s most popular offerings, thanks to an integrated and highly customized storage top and myriad accessibility points which have been included specifically for electricians.

Plus, with its high duty rating and strong fiberglass construction, this is certainly a ladder that will stay by your side.

Budget Pick

With its super strong yet ultra-lightweight fiberglass construction, The Little Giant Airwing is one of the best electrician’s ladders you can find at a low price. As a step ladder with a maximum height of 6 feet, it might not be well-suited to some heavy-duty applications, but its 4.5-inch treads certainly make it one of the safest.

1. Louisville Ladder FS1523 FS1512 Fiberglass Ladder

Top Features

Strong Fiberglass Construction

Out of all of the fiberglass ladders for electrical work that we have come across during our research, this offering from Louisville Ladder truly stands out. Beyond being non-conductive, this ladder is also one of the strongest on the market, as evidenced by its impressive weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Designed for Convenience

The life of an electrician is one fraught with time crunches and busy schedules—every second counts. So you will no doubt appreciate the molded storage top on this A-frame ladder. It’s specially designed with tool slots and a recessed tray to help you store your tools close at hand.

Offers Ultimate Stability

What good is a ladder unless it’s stable? Thanks to internal spreader braces, this ladder is fully capable of staying securely on its feet, ensuring your safety and enabling a smooth working experience. Don’t believe us? Maybe you’ll trust the OSHA and ANSI safety certifications!

With its robust fiberglass construction, stable design, and convenient molded storage top, this ladder is the ideal companion for any electrician, even more so because it’s available in so many different sizes! Be wary of which seller you buy through, though.

2. Little Giant Ladder Systems 15286-001 Airwing

Top Features

Safely and Durably Constructed

Because of their relatively smaller size and light-duty uses, step ladders typically get a bad rap as work ladders. Well, the Little Giant is here to change that. With a robust fiberglass construction and a load rating of 375 pounds, this ladder is surprisingly well-suited to heavy-duty applications.

Offers Convenience and Comfort

We’ve learned not to expect much as far as step ladders go. The Airwing exceeds those expectations with a thoughtful design that includes a top standing platform and 5-inch treads on each of its steps. So whether you’re a DIYer or a busy professional, we believe this ladder will suit your needs perfectly.

Portable and Easy to Store

Because of its lightweight construction and storage profile of only 3 inches, storing and transporting this step ladder is a walk in the park. So bring it along with you on all of your home renovation projects with no hesitation!

If you’re looking for a ladder that will assist you in doing occasional work around the house, or if you’re a low-key professional, this step ladder is the ideal choice. However, although it’s very strong and sturdy, we would obviously not recommend it for truly heavy-duty applications, particularly as it’s not tall enough.

3. Werner OBEL06 Old Blue Electricians Fiberglass Stepladder

Top Features

Keeps You Safe

As an electrician, nothing is more important than your safety. We’ve picked the Old Blue Electrician’s ladder with that in mind because this guy comes with traction-tred, slip-resistant steps.

Moreover, these steps have been knee-braced and double-riveted, so your stability is fully ensured. Heavy-duty internal spreaders keep the ladder securely on the ground.

Built Specially for Electricians

Not only does this step ladder come with a customized holster top to allow you to store your tools securely, but it also has dual integrated wire spool holders– one for large wires and one for smaller ones! To add to that, the conduit cutting system only adds to the ladder’s overall convenience. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Enduring and Dependable Construction

The fiberglass construction of this ladder is top-notch. With a weight capacity of 375 pounds, this is one of the strongest ladders we have come across. Note that some components of the ladder are made from aluminum and steel to enhance durability and stability.

With its special design and attention to detail, this step ladder is one of the absolute best ladders for electricians. Although the minimal steel and aluminum components of the ladder make it slightly susceptible to electricity conductivity, we believe that seasoned electricians should have no problem.

4. Lionladder 4 Step Ladder

Top Features

Boasts a Robust Construction

Constructed from premium quality stainless steel, this step ladder is suitably heavy and sturdy for its price range. Plus, it has an impressive weight capacity of 330 pounds, so even if you’re on the heavier side, worry not!

Safe and Accessible

One of our favorite things about this ladder is its steps: integrated with anti-slip treads, allowing you to ascend and descend safely. Furthermore, the ladder’s base has been outfitted with protective rubber paddings to enhance its stability further.

Makes Your Life Easier

This four-step ladder from Lionladder exemplifies what is best about step ladders in general: their portability and easy storage capacity. Easily foldable and offering effortless storage, this little guy also comes with a rubber handgrip to allow you to transport it with greater ease.

If you’re an electrician on a budget, this ladder will appeal to you. Plus, with its portable yet strong design and high weight rating, it seems to be a good choice for most projects.

However, keep in mind that it’s entirely built from stainless steel, so there is a risk of electricity conduction. We would not recommend this ladder if you’re careless on the job!

5. Louisville Ladder 10-Foot Fiberglass Cross-Step Step/Shelf Ladder

Top Features

Super Strong Fiberglass Construction

This highly rated offering from Louisville Ladders doesn’t just look good, it’s super strong, as well! Built from premium quality non-conductive fiberglass, this is a ladder that will see you through many a project. Measuring 10 feet tall, this big guy also has a laudable weight capacity of 300 pounds!

Innovative Pro-Top Storage Platform

Nothing is more annoying for an electrician than having to leave their station repeatedly to grab their tools. Well, with its slots for tools and drills, a hardware tray as well as a magnet tray, and a holder for a pipe or 2×4, the Pro-Top platform allows you to keep your stuff close at hand.

Versatile Shifting Design

Now for our favorite feature of this ladder: its versatility! Capable of transforming into a shelf ladder or a step ladder, this ladder will allow you to take on a wide variety of projects. Plus, using the aforementioned V-shaped Pro Top on this ladder, you’ll have no trouble leaning it against buildings, walls, and poles.

With its impressive dual-ladder type design and V-shaped Pro Top, this ladder offers convenience and functionality that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other models. That being said, some users do report a lack of stability in this thing, so be careful!

6. Werner T7416 300-Pound Duty Rating Fiberglass Multi-Use Twin Ladder

Top Features

Allows Ultimate Efficiency

This 16 feet step ladder comes with steps on both sides to allow two people to work at once, allowing maximum efficiency. Adding to this are non-conductive rails, which keep you safe from electrical hazards while on the job.

Sturdily Constructed for Better Stability

With integrated pinch-proof spreaders in its internal construction, you can expect this ladder to keep its balance while you’re on it. Adding to this are fiberglass rail shields, which reinforce the ladder’s bottom and bolster its stability.

Gives You a Sure Footing

Thanks to Traction-Tred steps with slip-resistant properties, this ladder allows you to keep your footing during any job. Together with an efficient bracing system to reduce any potential damage to the side rails, this is a ladder that can hold its own.

With its dependable fiberglass construction and reinforced design, this ladder has one of the best designs we have come across. We appreciate the fact that it allows two people to work at once, which can be a lifesaving feature in unique work situations!

7. Louisville Ladder AE2228 Aluminum Extension Ladder

Top Features

Robust Aluminum Construction

This extension ladder from Louisville is one of the strongest on our list, thanks to its durable and robust aluminum construction. It boasts a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and it has integrated side rails that enhance its strength.

Designed for Dependable Stability

Our favorite thing about Louisville ladders is the work that goes into ensuring their stability, and this one is no different. Equipped with swivel safety shoes and plated steel shoes with heavy-duty capabilities, this is a ladder that you can expect to have your back.

Safe and Accessible Design

Equipped with QuickLatch rung locks, this ladder allows you to enjoy an easier and more accessible ladder adjustment experience. And don’t worry; with its OSHA and ANSI certification, this guy promises to keep you safe.

As the only extension ladder on our list, it had to be a good one. With structural reinforcements and an efficient locking system, this aluminum ladder is one of the strongest and most dependable on our list.

However, we would only recommend it for experienced electricians, as extension ladders are a bit more difficult to manage than those with better support.

Best Ladders For Electrical Work Buying Guide

Which ladders should electricians use? That is a question that might confuse you if you’re new in the industry. But as long as you keep the following factors in mind while making your purchase, you should be fine.

Construction Material

When selecting the right ladder for electrical work, the most important consideration is deciding what you want it to be made of. You have to be particularly careful in this regard; using a ladder made from electricity conductive material is the first no-no in ladder safety for electrical work.

Ladders are typically made of one of three materials: aluminum, wood, and glass. As you can imagine, despite their superior durability, aluminum ladders are out of the question for electricians, as they conduct electricity.

However, with certain ladders such as the Werner’s Old Blue Electricians, some components of their ladder might be made from aluminum— making them safer than full aluminum ladders.

So the other options remaining to you are wood and fiberglass. Of these, fiberglass is superior, as it is safe from electrical conductivity and highly durable (although that also depends on the construction quality of the ladder).

However, if you’re on a budget, fiberglass ladders might not be the ideal choice for you. In that case, you can go for a wooden ladder. These are sturdy, and you’ll typically have a variety of ladder types to choose from.

Do note, though, that wood is susceptible to rot if exposed to moisture, so keep the climate in your locality in mind.

Ladder Type

The next pertinent consideration for which ladder to buy is its type. As you may already know, there are a variety of ladder types to choose from, from simple step models to more complicated articulating ones. Here’s a quick look at your options.

  • Platform

So named for the additional top shelf, platform ladders offer ultimate convenience with that little extra storage space. No one is a fan of having to climb up and down repeatedly to get their tools, electricians most of all. The only drawback of platform ladders is their significant size and weight, which reduces portability.

  • Extension

As the name suggests, this type of ladder can be adjusted to various sizes, so it’ll be useful for any electrician who frequently needs to reach very high spots. The issue here, though, is that due to their nature, the majority of extension ladders don’t come with a support frame, so they’re not very safe to use.

  • Multipurpose

Also called articulating ladders, multipurpose ladders are so called because they combine features of different ladder types. These are typically of adjustable height and angle, and some can even be used as trestles.

However, keep in mind their significant weight and size. Furthermore, consider if you’ll actually be using all of its features.

  • Step Ladder

Probably the most common ladder seen in households, this step ladder is of a fixed height and typically features extra-wide rungs that double as steps. These are ideal for doing low-intensity electrical work with a decent amount of safety and stability, but they tend not to be very tall.

Weight Capacity

There are three main types of ladders, rated according to their load capacity. Choose according to your body weight and work needs:

  • Type I – Industrial

These ladders can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight, so they’re perfect for heavy-duty usage.

  • Type II – Commercial

These come with a medium load capacity of 225 pounds. They’re ideal for both professional and domestic electrical work.

  • Type III – Household

If you’ll only be using your ladder infrequently, or if you’re not a professional, then you can opt for a Type III ladder. These have a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

Are you heavier than 250 pounds? No worries; you will find ladders with even higher weight capacity. However, in that case, construction quality should be a priority for you— and be prepared to pay more!

Locking Mechanism

Whatever ladder-type you opt for, be sure to go for one that comes with safe and accessible locking mechanisms. Although most ladders will include this as a general rule, it’s good to seek out the ones with extra reinforcements.

Losing your footing due to an unsteady ladder can never be a good thing, and that’s even truer in the case of electrical work, of course.


Final Words

The best ladder for electrical work for your needs will depend not only on your task’s particular needs but also on your level of expertise and the frequency with which you will use your ladder. We hope that our reviews have helped you make your choice; if not, you can always refer back to our buying guide. Good luck!

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