7 Best Ladder Stabilizers | To Work Safely Around Windows and Other Surfaces

You’ll be able to reach farther more safely while working with ladder!

Yes, you’ve heard that right.

Ladder stabilizer (commonly referred to as ladder standoffs) is an essential accessory to improve your safety by keeping your ladder steady and stable.

Moreover, it protects roofing, gutters, siding, and paint finishes by keeping the ladder top from directly touching your roof or gutter.

Thus, it reduces the risk of injury & property damage.

Unfortunately, choosing the best one is not so easy from the over-flooded market.

This is where we step into the picture to provide you with a helping hand. We synthesized the most useful information about picking the best ladder stabilizer and reviewed the most popular ones currently available on the market.

Read along our ladder stabilizer reviews to discover them.

Best Pick

The test winner after 58 hours of our testing is Ladder-Max Stand-Off. It’s a professional-grade and OSHA compliant ladder top stabilizer.

The stabilizer is lightweight, but it does not mean it can’t bear the heavyweight. Do not take its lightweight as its weakness.

This model comes with the highest-duty rating for ladders with a 375-pound weight capacity. Forwarding to the material details, it’s made of steel with Zinc plated finish for added durability and strength.

Lastly, thanks for the non-marring heavy-duty orange tips, which adds extra support and stability.

Once more, this stuff is proudly made in the USA.

Best Budget

Louisville LP-2200-00 is an ideal choice if you’re looking for superior quality but budget-friendly ladder stabilizer.

It spans 48-inch to windows and provides 12-inch clearance from the wall. We’ve found that it holds the ladder with enough clearance, even where the roof has a low slope.

The overall build quality of this standoff is very decent.

This model arrives in an elegant design and a smooth finish. It’s build-up in high-grade aluminum material. Of course, the Aluminum construction keeps it lightweight but tough enough at the same time.

It features extra heavy-duty rubber trips. These tips protect the surface where your ladder leans, so you won’t worry.

1. Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer, ABM 2002

Top Features

Protects and stabilizes your ladder with this OSHA compliant, professional-grade Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer.

It’s built-to-last!

The rugged zinc plated steel construction is built to support the weight of the individual on the ladder. Of course, it withstands the weight of placing its arms directly on the roof.

It’s worth noting that it comes with the highest-duty rating for type 1AA ladders (weight capacity of 375 pounds).

It’s homeowner-friendly!

Ladder-Max ABM 2002 slips over two of your ladder’s rungs to improve ladder stability. It provides a 19-inch standoff distance from roofing and walls to protect gutter, roofing materials, and paint finishes. It also allows you to work in an unstrained, natural position.

The heavy-duty non-marring plastic orange tips protect the surface on which your standoff rests. Importantly, they provide 4-point stable contact to protect you from sideslip.

Lastly, you’ll like its versatility.

It fits most of the fiberglass, wood, and aluminum extension and articulating ladders of little Giant, Green Bull, Gorilla, Howard, Louisville, Werner, and others.

Do you need anything else to pick this stabilizer? Hope not, why not then check the pros and cons of this model.

In the bottom line, we can say, to increase safety to and from the roof and for safer roof-placement, the Ladder-Max stand-off is great. It’s one of the best ladder stabilizers for roof. It prevents side slip and provides great stability.

2. Little Giant 10111 Wing Span/Wall Standoff

Top Features

Little Giant 10111 is a great accessory for easier access to rain gutters, high eaves, and windows and get the job done right. It adds more versatility and stability to any Little Giant ladder in the extension position.

This wall standoff attaches easily to your ladder and lets you work around rain gutter, overhangs, windows, or the obstacles without any difficulties. Thanks to its 50-inch fixed width.

The wide contact points offer more control on upper rungs that provide extra horizontal and vertical stability.

It rises your ladder 12-inch away from the work surface to provide extra room to clean windows or finish other jobs quickly.

To reach those hard-to-reach spots without moving your ladder another foot over, Little Giant 10111 is an excellent Wing Span/Wall Standoff. Although it has a few drawbacks, overall, it’s pretty right on.

3. Louisville Ladder LP 2200 00 Stabilizer

Top Features

Simply the best!

This Louisville ladder stabilizer is super sturdy when climbing onto and off the roof. It adds an extra layer of safety to your single or extension ladders with rails up to 4″ by 1-3/4″. It holds ladder 12″ from the wall and spans 48-inch to most windows.

Superior build quality!

It’s made of superior quality materials with a smooth finish and elegant design. Moreover, it features two U-bolts that has heavy-duty rubber tips for secure placement. Of course, the tips are replaceable.

Easy to assemble!

It takes about 2 minutes to install. More importantly, it adds almost no weight to the ladder.

Louisville LP-2200-00 stabilizer is great to have when needed. It’s a great accessory to productivity, safety, and protection of the surface where your ladder leans on.

In essence, it’s a GREAT ladder accessory at a great price.

4. Werner AC78 Quickclick Stabilizer

Top Features

Next, we have this Quickclick Stabilizer from Werner, the most trusted name in the ladder industry, which is preferred by pros around the world more than any other brand.

AC78 Quickclick is designed to keep ladders stable and protect work surfaces. It works with all Werner aluminum and fiberglass extension ladders and provides great protection to finished surfaces.

Easy installation and removal!

It includes a spring-loaded latch that makes it quicker and easier to install and removes than any other stabilizer available on the market. Of course, it requires no tools to attach to the ladder.

AC78 QuickClick spans 44 inches and provides a standoff of 10 inches. Importantly the rubber end caps are mar-resistant that protects the work surface.

A lifesaver for painting the trim at the edge of the peaked roof!

Conveniently, the paint bucket hook comes included with the package. So, you can get the job done easily.

It’s designed for use on ladders up to 40 ft. And it has quick release attach pins that connect stabilizer arms to the body.

Overall saying, Werner AC78 Stabilizer is very much worth the money. From a professional to a homeowner who gets nervous in the air, this accessory will greatly improve their ladder stability.

5. Levelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets with Silicone Elbows, ST-ORS-3XL

Top Features

Levelok Stand Out Stabilizer provides exceptional stability for the ladder by minimizing rocking and lateral movement.

It’s ideal to fit with most fiberglass and aluminum extension ladders with open O- or D-rung holes outside of the rail. It’s worth noting that the holes must have openings of 1 inch or greater and at least 15 to 16-inch of clearance.

Installation is a breeze!

Simply compress the two bracket-ends and slip them into the rung holes and release. To remove them, just compress and pull out.

Levelok spans 12-inch beyond each edge of the ladder. Once inserted into the rung holes, the brackets offer a 1-foot standoff distance from the support surface to protect walls, gutters, windows, and walls.

It tightly grips most surfaces, providing excellent surface protection while preventing side slippage. Thanks to its heavy-duty, non-marring silicone elbows.

Now at the point of the safety certification, this stuff is ANSI and OSHA compliant for ladder and accessories up to 300-pound duty ratings (Type 1A).

To summarize Levelok ST-ORS-3XL is a safe addition to your ladder. These pairs are lightweight, easy to use, and much easier to store afterward.

6. Roofers 220539 RT-LM Mount

Top Features

“Ladder stabilizer that fits inside gutters and secures any ladder safely”!

Roofers 220539 RT-LM is an easy-to-mount gutter docking station that disperses the weight of the ladder against the fascia without damaging the gutter.

Snugly fits!

It fits securely over ferrules and gutter brackets for enhanced stability and ladder support. Thus, it offers excellent gutter protection.

This gutter docking station secures the ladder for safe rooftop mounting and dismounting. It fits safely inside any 5-inch or 6-inch gutter using any kind of pole or broom handle to position the ladder mount in the gutter before use.

All-plastic construction!

But no worry!

It’s heavy-duty and can handle all stresses put on it by the ladder and installation into the gutter.

For further convenience, there are rubber pads on the face of the stabilizer that makes the ladder more secure.

It won’t blow over or fall if you have to access the roof!

Conveniently, the two small holes on either end of the docking station let you attach a small rope or a bungee cord to tie the ladder to the stabilizer for added security.

Overall, it’s an investment for years to come. Although it’s somewhat expensive for a piece of plastic, it works well and saves your gutters from crushing, scratches and dents.

7. Qualcraft 2470 Corner Buddy Aluminum Ladder Stabilizer

Top Features

Our ladder stabilizer review will remain incomplete if we don’t list this product from Qualcraft.

Corner Buddy 2470 is specifically designed to use on corners for providing stability for the ladder. Of course, you won’t face any difficulty in using it on multi-surfaces, at the round-, flat- or multi-dimensional construction.

You can work comfortably!

It provides easier access to downspouts and gutters during repair or installation and to soffits for siding or electrical applications.

It’s lightweight!

Conveniently, you can transport or use this stabilizer all around the house without having to remove from your ladder.

The attachment and removal process is a snap!

It easily connects to almost any ladder type.  The rubber bumpers add protection against the building surface.

Finally, the yellow safety coating adds durability and weather resistance to this extension ladder corner standoff. The yellow coating also provides high visibility, so you can work safely as needed.

Qualcraft 2470 is one of the best ladder stabilizers for cleaning gutters. It promotes utility and safety.  If you’re in the market for a ladder standoff to use multi-surfaces or multi-dimensional construction, there is no substitute for the Qual-craft Corner Buddy.

Best Ladder Stabilizer Buying Guide

All the above-reviewed models are tested for their quality, safety, and performance. But not all models will meet your specific needs.

So, how to choose the best ladder standoff for your needs?

Choosing the right standoff is quite overwhelming, as there are quite a few serious things that you should account for.

To make things easy, we’ve made this buying guide for you.

Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Construction Materials and Build- Quality

Take into consideration the quality of the build of the stabilizer. Check the quality of the materials used for this accessory to avoid accidents.

Aluminum, steel, plastic are some of the materials used to make ladder standoff. Steel and aluminum ladder stabilizers are strong, durable, and resilient. Plastic stabilizers lightweight than aluminum or steel ones, but they can’t withstand high temperatures.

So, pay attention to the weather conditions where you intend to use the stabilizer.

If you are a professional who needs to use the ladder with stabilizer regularly, opt for a model that is made of strong, highly-durable, and weather-resistant materials.

  • Ease Of Installation And Use

This accessory comes in a different design. Some models come fully assembled, and all you need to attach it to your ladder simply. Other models may require to assemble first before you mount it onto the ladder.

An already assembled model would save you time.

Of course, mounting the standoff should be quick and easy. A tool-free installation is preferable to get it done.

One more thing!

If you’re not a professional and intend to use your ladder standoff less frequently, you don’t need to keep this accessory attached to your ladder. The reason is it would take up an unnecessary amount of space in your home or storage. So, we recommend you opt for a model that is easy to attach and remove from your ladder.

  • Stabilizer’s Weight

You may need to move around your ladder while it’s attached to a stand-off. This accessory adds weight to your ladder. A heavy-weight stabilizer can make your ladder heavier, making it tough to lift, move, and place against the support surface.

Even sometimes, it may become challenging even for two people to lifting and positioning the ladder attached with a heavy-weight stand-off.

A lightweight stabilizer will make more sense than heavy-weight ones.

For a contractor, the weight of this type of ladder accessory is less of a consideration. But if you’re a DIYer, select a lightweight one that won’t make your ladder too heavy to move and set up.

  • Compatibility with Ladders

The most important factor to consider before buying a model is its compatibility. That means your selected model has to match with the ladder you have.

Many models are designed to fit specific types of ladders.

Some models are ideal for fiberglass ladders, whereas some are suitable for aluminum ladders. However, you may also find many models that are compatible with both types of ladders.

However, keep in mind that this accessory is not universally compatible. There is no one size fits all options. Check the stabilizer’s compatibility with the ladder types before making a purchase.

  • Stabilizer Price and Your Budget

This tool comes with different prices ranges from cheap to expensive. The price depends on the materials, built-quality, and extra features to help you do your work quickly, safely, and easily.

Avoid the cheapest stabilizers as they are likely to be of inferior- quality.



When you are at the height of the ground, you don’t want to mess up. Right?

Invest in a ladder standoff for superior stability every step on the way and to create a safe working environment.

Hopefully, you find our reviews useful to find the right and best ladder stabilizers from thousands of options.

Safe working on a ladder!

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