Best Ladder Brands | The 10 Most Trusted Manufacturers

What are the best ladder brands to consider in 2022?

The experts’ team has collected all the information about the most trusted brands of the ladder. So, you don’t need to waste countless hours trying to find the most reliable one when it comes to buying the best ladder.

Let’s discover all the market leaders.

Best Ladder Brands – A Shortlist

  1. Werner
  2. Louisville
  3. Little Giant
  4. Fakro
  5. Bailey
  6. Ladamax
  7. Gorilla
  8. Indalex
  9. Bauer Corporation
  10. Metallic Ladder Mfg Corp

10 Best Ladder Brands – Overview

The ladder industry has broadened considerably all the parts of the world in last several years.

Numerous companies have attempted to offer different types of ladders with various quality and price. New companies are also popping up each year.

However, not all ladders are created equal. Obviously, in any industry, there are good brands and bad brands. So, sometimes it’d be challenging to know which manufacturers are the most reliable.

In this post, we present 10 the most trusted ladder brands on the market. Learning about these brands will help you to feel confident that you’re getting a high-quality product.


1. Werner

Werner is one of the leading brands worldwide. It has more than sixty years of experience in in manufacturing different types of climbing products. It brings unique product solutions.

They create innovative designs to tackle any job. Their pieces of equipment are engineered to ensure maximum durability, productivity, and safety at every height.

Werner products are always adapting. And their ladders are well-known for state-of-art design and technology, manufacturing innovation, and life-cycle evaluation.

Werner offers a complete line of products for working at different height. They have ladders for light-duty domestic use to industrial purposes. Their heavy-duty, rugged ladders able to withstand the most challenging jobs.

Their portfolio includes multi-purpose-, attic ladder, step stools, scaffolding, and much more.

But, they offer more than just ladders. For manufacturing fall protection and climbing equipment and ladder accessories to contractors Werner is a name of the trust.

Finally, all Werner equipment and products meet or exceed all applicable safety standards.

2. Louisville

In the ladder industry, for more than 70 years, Louisville has been recognized as a trusted brand to all. They are well-known for high-performance ladders and climbing accessories.

Established in 1946, this brand has a long-standing track of designing ease-to-use but reliable climbing equipment. They drive industry standards in safety and innovation. Undoubtedly, their quality meets your expectations.

Louisville ladders are trusted and of high quality, durable and reliable for construction and industrial uses.

Louisville is advancing this industry by their unwavering commitment to safety and innovative design. From step- to tripod ladder, their creative ideas keep the industry moving forward.

Their authenticity, unmatched combination of proven expertise and longevity truly puts them above the rest.

The portfolio of Louisville ladder includes the attic-, extension-, multipurpose-, step- tripod-, warehouse ladders, scaffolding, step stools and much more.

When you buy a Louisville product, you can feel confident knowing that you’re buying the best.

3. Little Giant

Started more than 30 years ago by Harold Wing, Little Giant is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Their products are currently distributed and sold in over 60 countries across the globe.

This brand name is known globally for its uniqueness and an extensive selection of their products. They have a reputation worldwide for their most versatile, innovate and improved climbing systems and professional access equipment.

Little Giant has a reputation for manufacturing the strongest, most versatile and safest ladder in the world. Their adjustable stepladder are just a few of the innovations that are changing the way professionals work at height

Little Giant invest significantly into research and development of ladders to prevent injuries and save lives.  They have a partnership with safety professionals all over the country. They help Little Giant to develop a real solution to real safety and most common ladder problems.

The only downside is their ladders are not cheap. It’s one of the more expensive brands for the ladder on the market. Its outstanding quality reflects in its higher price tag.

4. Fakro

Established in Poland in 1991, Fakro is one of the leading manufacturers of roof skylights, windows, and loft ladders. It’s the fastest growing and most dynamic roof window manufacturer in the world.

It’s also the world’s leading brand name for producing loft ladders that enable easy and safe access to non-inhabited attic spaces.

They aim to offer the highest quality products to satisfy customer’s requirement all over the world. They place the highest priority on health and safety, and the environmental impact of their products.

They have thirteen standard configurations for hatch and accessories. All of their ladders come fully pre-assembled-ready to install. They are designed for maximum accessibility and quick installation.

You can find this brand featured in our guide on the best attic ladders.

5. Bailey

Bailey is a manufacturer based in Australia and Australia’s #1 ladder brand. Bill Bailey Snr established this company in Sydney in 1956. Later, in 1970 a second factory was established in Brisbane.

Bailey is well-known for the revolutionary technology called Punchlock. This technology makes their ladders safer and reliable by reducing frame twist.

Bailey has the most extensive range of ladders for both industrial and domestic use. No matter you need a ladder for for heavy-duty commercial applications or occasional use around the home, Bailey has one to meet your specific need.

Tradespeople and constructors trust this brand because their ladders are made with your safety at the forefront of design. Bailey has over 60 years track record of manufacturing stable, robust and ergonomic design and safety ladders.

All the Bailey ladder are produced and tested to New Zealand and Australian standards AS/NZS 1576 and AS/NZS 1892.

Bailey ladders are known for strength, quality, safety and stability. Their ladders are both durable and lightweight to ensure you can do any job around the home or workplace with ease and stability.

Their portfolio includes single- and double sided-, platform step, extension ladders, scaffolding, planks and trestles. Their fiberglass and mobile scaffolding ladder will make you more efficient on the job site.

If you’re looking for stable, reliable and safe ladders, buy Bailey!

6. Ladamax

Glen Bailey established this company in 1998. Ladamax brand is Australia’s ladder specialist.

It’s another most trusted names in the ladder industry for making the world’s safest, reliable and versatile ladders.

Ladamax combines uniquely designed “ultimate Failsafes” technology with premium quality, cutting edge materials to offer a range of unparalleled ladders for both industrial and residential.

Their ladders are not only durable and heavy-duty but also lightweight that are designed for professionals and contractors looking for the ultimate in work height safety.

Ladamax ladders are the best-engineered ladders. The Swagelock is an innovative technology which is unique in the ladder industry. This feature allows the rungs to connect to the side rails without the need for rivets.

The exclusive Failsafe Design of Ladamax platform ladder makes it a preferred brand for professionals ensuring users are never at risk or in danger.

7. Gorilla

If you’re looking for an excellent quality ladder at an economical price, then Gorilla ladders will fit your bill.

Among residential and commercial users, Gorilla is a very popular brand. This brand is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of ladders.

Gorilla is manufacturing ladders for the New Zealand and Australian markets for over 10 years. They deliver outstanding value across a broad range of equipment for working height. But their climbing products and accessories are used massively in worldwide.

Their ladders are manufactured under ISO9001:2000 certification. All ladder designs are tested independently to New Zealand and Australian standards.

Gorilla ladders can be excellent replacement of any conventional ladder. They are safe to use, more reliable and all of them have some cool features and imperfections.

8. Indalex

It’s s a premium Australian manufacturer of ladder.

Indalex offers an extensive range of most comprehensive ladders for serious DIY user, professionals and tradesman.

With over 25 years of experience, this brand is continually adapting its techniques in designing and manufacturing ladders. They always evaluate customers’ changing desires and needs.

Their factory is ISO 9000-2000 quality assured and all of their Ladders meet or exceed Australian and New Zealand (AS/NZS) Standards. Additionally, both the testing laboratory and factory are verified by Lloyds of London.

9. Bauer Corporation

It’s a pre-eminent U.S. manufacturer and distributor of high-performance, premium quality portable ladders.

This brand is committed to providing the climbing solution for professionals who need to reach work height more safely and efficiently.

Bauer focuses on industrial users of ladders with high-quality materials, innovative features, design processes and workmanship to ensure the highest level of safety to users in the workplace or job site.

All Bauer ladders are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in the USA. Importantly, over 99% of the materials used for the manufacturing process are sourced in North America.

This brand offers a range of step-, extension-, combination- and specialty ladders. They also include fiberglass, wooden and aluminum ladder, planks and stages.

10. Metallic Ladder Mfg Corp

Founded in 1949 in Randolph, NY, this American ladder manufacturer is one of the most powerful brand in the world.

This brand is well-known for producing quality aluminum ladders and work platforms. Their line of business also includes various fabricated metal products.

Metallic ladders are strong, stable, and durable.


These are the most trusted ladder manufacturers on the market right now.

Next time, when you’re looking for buying the best ladder system, keep an eye out for these best ladder brands.

Thanks for reading.

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