6 Best Folding Ladders | Compact, Comfortable And Safe Options

Do you need to accomplish little tasks in hard to reach areas in your home, kitchen, shop, library or RV?

If so, it’s challenging for you to manage a full-sized ladder in a closed space. Right?

Thankfully, the best solution for any DIY projects and everyday chores is the folding ladder. This type of product is pretty space-saving. Moreover, you can store it anywhere after done using.

Stay along with this review of best folding ladders to explore the best options out there.

Best Pick

Undoubtedly, all the 6 recommendations on this list are excellent in terms of quality-to-price ratio. But I’ve one choice that stands above the rest.

Bowoshen 16.5FT Aluminum folding ladder is today’s winner on this shortlist and for good reasons. It comes with several useful and safety features.

It collapses compactly, but it offers multi-purpose functions with the ability to change from extension to A-frame and leaning configurations. Moreover, its durable yet lightweight construction makes it a reliable option that anyone can make use of.

Best Budget Pick

Best Choice Products Steel 3-Step folding Stool is the best budget pick. Expensive models may offer a nicer design and color, but keep in mind that the price doesn’t always determine the quality and durability of a product.

Although Best Choice Products offers you this model at a low price, the quality of this thing is not “LOW” at all. Moreover, it comes with several useful features to make your ladder using experience comfortable and safe.


Dimensions (inches)


Weight Capacity


Product 01

Best Choice Folding Steel 3-Step Stool Ladder

28.7 x 17.7 x 52


330 lbs

Product 02

Delxo 4 Step Ladder

56.4 x 19.3 x 2.1


300 lbs

Product 03

Best Choice Products Folding 4 Step Ladder

32.8 x 18 x 62


225 lbs

Product 04

Bowoshen A-Frame Telescoping Foldable Ladder



330 lbs

Product 05

GP Logistics SLDD7 Compact Folding Ladder

151.8 x 18.1 x 4.4


225 lbs

Product 06

Telesteps 700FLD Double Sided Folding Step Ladder

82.7 x 4.7 x 3.1


250 lbs

6 Best Folding Ladders Reviews 2022

There is an abundance of collapsible ladder options out there, as this is a vast market. This provides you with a range of choices, and while the competition is intense.

Unfortunately, finding the right one is quite overwhelming, especially if you aren’t well- versed in the field.

This is where I’d like to provide you with a helping hand.

I’ve taken the liberty of writing a precise review of few models which are truly outstanding in the market.

Let’s quit wasting time and get this show on the road.

1. Best Choice Products Folding 3 Step Ladder with Tray, SKY1906

Top Features

Do you need a ladder to complete everything from DIY projects to everyday chore indoors or outdoors? Then, this 3-Step Stool from Best Choice Products gives the best of both worlds.

Why am I saying this?

This product has several useful features, which helps to eliminate the problems of cleaning, decorating or painting those hard-to-reach areas.

Importantly, the durable steel frame is built to last that ensures strength and reliability for long-lasting use. The impressive 330 pounds weight capacity will help to support you to handle any heavy-duty task safely.

Of course, 52-inch height is excellent for changing light bulbs, reaching light fixtures, or anything overhead.

The wide platform steps make it comfortable to step on. Moreover, the anti-skid rubber feet provide support and safety while you stand on it.

You’ll totally feel secured while organize tall, hard-to-reach shelves, watering plants on top of bookcases, or changing lightbulbs in ceiling fixtures,  and it won’t move.

Want to know the best part?

Well, it includes a top tray. The overall platform is roughly 13.8 “length x 11.5” width. So, it conveniently holds hardware, cleaning supplies, paint can or any small items to assist in making your jobs more efficient.

Another feature I love is the handgrip on the top for ease of climbing up and down and you’ll feel more balanced with it as well.

Portability of this thing isn’t a problem.

Yes, it’s true!

The folding design of this lightweight 3 step ladder makes it easy to transport and store away.

Can you believe that? All of this functionality comes at a very pocket-friendly price.

For people who are looking for a low-cost option, Best Choice Products SKY1906 Steel 3-Step Stool is really a good choice. You can’t go wrong with this product and the affordable price makes it that much better.

2. Delxo 4 Step Ladder

Top Features

Delxo 4-step stool is another affordable option on this list.

Whether you need the extra height for reaching up a high place for painting, cleaning or organizing things on shelves, this is a perfect option for working at different heights.

With a maximum 300 pounds weight capacity and 52-inch height, it’s ideal for using either your home or shop. It features a revolutionary back cross brace structure for basic support. It makes you feel safer climbing up the frame and the steps!

The 10 “H X 7.9 “L X 12 “W standing platforms with anti-skid rubber pattern provide you with a completely stable and comfortable place to stand while you are working. Of course, the non-marring leg ensures stability and keeps floors, avoiding scratches.

These extra-wide steps offer you complete foot support. The benefit is you won’t feel any foot pain and fatigue during long time use. Additionally, the convenient handgrip makes this model easy to climb and carry.

You’ll definitely love the space-saving and lightweight foldable design of this thing. When folded it gets an extremely thin profile which is excellent for space optimization when you plan to store it in your utility room. The upgraded lock-free design that makes it easier for folding.

We can’t forget to mention that it comes fully assembled- ready to use out of the box. Finally, this model is approved by TUV with GS Certificate for quality and safety.

This Portable Steel Step Stool is the top of the line professional grade folding ladder of Delxo. It’s a great option to get things done around your house, shops or library.

3. Best Choice Products Folding 4 Step Ladder with Handrails, SKY4967

Top Features

Are you looking for the best 4 step safety ladder with padded handrails? Then, don’t miss this Best Choice Products SKY4967.

This stuff is crazy good!

Yes, you heard that right.

Let me clear this point.

Comfort, safety and convenience- all these three you’ll get from this heavy-duty product. SKY4967 is a safe solution for carrying out tasks that require a ladder in home, kitchen, garage, backyard and more.

First of all, its steel construction supports up to 225-pounds which is enough to carry out tasks in or out of the home. It’s not only easier to handle but also safer to use.

Secondly, its four large platform steps give lots of support. Moreover, the anti-slip foot grips ensure safety. The four anti-skid feet of this stuff helps to hold the ladder in place to ensure optimal stability.

If you have difficulty climbing up due to balance issue, then this SKY4967 is just lifesaver. The padded handrails on both sides make climbing up very easy and safe. Moreover, the high handrail lets your knees rest against while you’re on the top step.

When it comes to portability, this item is easy to carry around and store in your garage or closet after use. Thanks to its foldable design with locking mechanism.

And another thing….

It includes an attachable eight pocket tool pouch caddy for added convenience. Whether it’s lightbulb or holiday dishes, this tool bag lets you take what you need in reach to get the job done!

Wait, wait, and wait!

If you think that it’s an expensive step ladder, you are wrong, dear. It comes with an impressively reasonable price just below $100.

Any drawback?

Let’s be honest!

This thing requires some assembly. But don’t hesitate to order this model for this reason. You’ll only need to attach the handrails and the right and left rails are reversible.

This 4 step portable folding ladder is just what you’re looking for your DIY or professional use. The wide steps along with the twin handrails on both side and top handrail make this one the safest option I’ve ever seen. Obviously, it worth the money.

4. Bowoshen A-Frame Telescoping Ladder

Top Features

Bowoshen 16.5 feet is a useful and practical option for individuals and professionals alike. The first aspect of this multi-purpose ladder is its wide applications. This useful item can be an integral part of any household and toolkit.

You can use it as an extension ladder, telescoping ladder, or stairway work platform. So you can easily access any hard to reach places in and around your home.

Sound’s cool, right?

The telescoping style allows you to extend it to your desired length from 2.8 to 16.5 ft. effortlessly. Thanks to its independent locking mechanism that locks on rungs 2 to 15.

Of course, it’s easy to extend and retract. Moreover, it’s only 3.3 feet when collapsed. So you can easily store it in any compact spot as when folded it occupies very little space.

Made with premium aluminum material, it’s lightweight yet durable enough for long-term use. No worry, it can hold maximum 330-pounds load safely.

It’s designed with safety in mind. The no-slip steps give maximum safety. Each middle rungs have a pair of slide latches that lock the rungs into the place to make it safe to climb.

Additionally, the non-slip bottom caps help to keep the ladder firmly in place and protect internal flooring.  It’s also worth noting that this item is approved by Safety Standard EN131.

Bowoshen can be a handy addition to any home or shop. It’s a practical option in daily life and in various working fields. The multi-purpose style is more convenient to use. All in all, it’s a great ladder for the money.

5. GP Logistics SLDD7 Compact Folding Ladder

Top Features

Tired of carrying a regular ladder on the back of your motorhome? Then, this SLDD7 from GP Logistics will fold up and fits nicely in your vehicle’s storage compartment.

If you’re short on space to store your ladder, this is the compact solution for you. The aluminum steps fold up inside the side rails.

Moreover, this best RV folding ladder folds to just 3 1/2 inches, by 4 1/2 inches by 87 inches long. The result is a space-saving design that you can store anywhere. You can also throw a strap on it for easier carrying.

SLDD7 is one of the most popular double-sided ladders from GP Logistics. If you’re an RV enthusiast, or about to start a new improvement on your RV or need help with some maintenance, don’t miss this double-sided SLDD7.

Additionally, for typical homeowner who needs to use a ladder occasionally or only once or twice a week, this is the perfect option for them.

It’s one of the most versatile option to get. The double-sided design allows you to stand on either side according to your need. I can also call it two-man ladder!  Of course, for someone 5 to 6 feet tall, you can reach 137 to 149 inches with this stuff.

But, this isn’t the end.

Constructed of sturdy, clear anodized aluminum, this product is corrosion-resistant. So, it ensures to deliver years of service.

Furthermore, it’s bolted, not riveted. That means it should lead to a longer service life, as loose rivets often create problems. And you won’t need to replace any RV ladder parts for many years!

No worry about its safe use.

It provides you with channel strap-locked rung supports. Besides, the Grooved rung surface makes it anti-slip and safer to climb up. The rubberized PVC feet are anti-skid that ensure its stability on any surface.

This folding exterior RV ladder is super for camper, RV enthusiast and Homeowner! It fits various unique situations presented by camper and RV’s.  Moreover, it fits very compactly in the RV storage area and is tall enough to be practical on the road.

6. Telesteps 700FLD 7 ft Double-Sided Folding Step Ladder (STIK)

Top Features

The last product on my recommendation list is the STIK Telesteps 700FLD. It’s a reliable, versatile and innovative ladder available on the market. It comes with various features at a great price.

If you don’t have room for a regular step stool, then Telesteps 700FLD is a super-compact option for you. Conveniently, it opens and collapses from side to side. Moreover, when collapsed, it’s compact enough to fit a tidy 4×4 post sleeve for easy transport.

It gives you about 9 feet of reach to access slightly high areas such as high shelves, cabinets and more in your office or home. Conveniently, the double-sided design allows you to climb up either side. So, no headache maneuvering it around in tight spaces.

The aircraft-grade Aluminum alloys construction makes this thing super durable. The aluminum frame also makes this item lightweight and easy to move around.

The hinges and hardware are tough enough to add strength. The best part is its all joints are riveted, meaning it’s more durable than a ladder that bolted together.

It’s Type 1, 250 lbs rated and meets and exceeds global safety standards, including all OSHA and Type I commercial standards.

Finally, STIK 700FLD comes with a 1-year warranty on part and labor, ensuring you’re getting a quality product.

Telesteps STIK can be a great addition to any cottage, job site, office or a motorhome. This stow away ladder is excellent in height, built-quality and functionality.

Best Folding Ladders – Buying Guide

Now, here’s something worth talking about!

Regardless of the model, there are some essential features that you should always consider to make the right choice.

Weight capacity

Load capacity is the most vital factor when making the purchase. Folding ladders comes with different load capacity to suit different users need.

Choose a model that can safely support your weight. Also, consider the items or tools you may need to carry while climbing up. For safety concern, you must go for one that can carry extra weight than your body weight.

Ladder Height/ Number of Steps

Take into consideration your purpose of buying a folding ladder and the height that you’ll need to climb to get the job done. Based on your need, select a model with the right height.

Build- quality

In general, this type of ladder comes with aluminum or steel construction. Both of this material provides high-strength. Of course, aluminum ladders are more lightweight. Aircraft-grade Aluminum alloys construction is super durable and lightweight. But they are somewhat expensive.

Ladder Weight

If you’re a DIYer or need to do the household project on your own, maneuvering a too heavy ladder will be impossible for you. I recommend you to get a lightweight option. It’ll help you to maneuver this stuff on your own to finish the job.

Safety Features

Make sure that the model you are about to purchase is 100% safe to use. Check the safety features such as its overall stability, non-slip and wide rungs and non-skid feet. Ensure that each component is correctly designed to prevent an accident.

Safety Certifications

Check your selected model is approved by OSHA, ANSI, EN 131 etc. You can confidently use your ladders if it’s certified with those standards.

Price And Your Budget

Price is a vital consideration for shoppers. There are several factors, such as built-quality, material, and additional features that effect on the ladder price. So, not forget to set your budget as it’ll help you to narrow down your choices.

Moreover, it’s essential to evaluate the price of different models before selecting on any. Don’t go for the cheapest option. Also, avoid overpriced models if you can handle your tasks with an average-priced model.



That’s it!

Based on overall build quality, durability and price, these are the best folding ladders that you can buy right now.

As you’re now familiar with how each of them function and their pros and cons, I hope you’ll able to pick the right one to meet your needs.

Thanks for reading!

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