Best Fire Escape Ladder 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Fire is like a double-edged sword that is extremely useful and terrifyingly destructive at the same time.

If you stop to think for a moment and take a look around your house, you’d be surprised by how we’re always at the risk of a fire hazard. Even after taking all the precautionary measures, it sometimes manages to break out!

When that happens, you only have a couple of minutes to escape and save your lives. If you’ve got the best fire escape ladder installed, you’d be able to quickly get away to safety before the fiery flames engulf your house.

Today, we’re going to help you make your home safer by recommending some of the best options on the market!

Best Pick

The “Kidde Three Story Fire Escape Ladder” is our favorite fire escape ladder for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s super-strong and durable. Being so easy to use and offering fast deployment, you’ll waste no time in escaping with this one.

Additionally, the slip-resistant rungs will make sure you get to escape safely and securely!

Budget Pick

The “Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder” is the most budget-friendly fire safety ladder on our list. Without costing a fortune, it delivers the same features as its more expensive counterparts.

This one offers enough durability as well as ease of use and promises to keep your feet stable and steady as you climb down fast.

7 Best Fire Escape Ladder Reviews

Let’s go through the most effective fire escape ladders that you can find on the market. Grab one to increase your sweet home’s safety!

1. Kidde Three Story Fire Escape Ladder

Top Features

  • Designed for quick and easy assembly
  • Built to be durable enough to support up to 1000lbs
  • Zinc-plated rungs prevent slipping

Pre-Assembled Design

When a fire breaks out, you can’t afford to waste any time assembling and deploying the ladder. You want something quick and easy. That’s exactly what the Kidde fire escape ladder three story offers. It comes assembled firmly from the factory, so all you have to do is attach it to your window.

Deploying this thing takes no longer than a few seconds so you can escape quickly with your family! Fire is merciless, so you have to be fast to escape its wrath.

Durability Ensured

Built with durable and flame-resistant materials, this safety equipment is amazingly strong. You can feel free to step on it to climb down safely. It will not break.

In fact, this one is easily capable of withstanding up to 1,000 pounds! So, up to 3 people can stand on it at once. As a result, you can escape quickly with your family!

Non-slip Rungs for Secure Climbing

The zinc-plated steel rungs allow you to descend safely without worrying about slipping off. They’re slip-resistant so that you can step on them steadily and stably. Each rung is about 1-foot wide, so you’ll have enough space for positioning your hands and feet.


  • Offers safe escape in the event of a fire
  • Easy to assemble without needing extra tools
  • Durable enough to support a lot of weight
  • Lightweight design allows easy moving


  • Doesn’t come with adjustable hooks

Bottomline: With sturdy construction and secure footing, the Kidde Fire Escape Ladder can save your life from fire breakouts. It’s designed to be easy to use so that you don’t have to face any complication during the escape.

Besides, you will find this model to be wonderfully lightweight, so carrying it around or storing it won’t be troublesome!

2. First Alert Three-Story Portable Fire Escape Ladder

Top Features

  • Available in sturdy nylon and steel build
  • Comes with anti-slip rungs
  • Designed to meet ASTM standards

Sturdy & Durable Construction

Durability is immensely important when it comes to fire escape ladders. You can’t hope to safely escape on a flimsy one for obvious reasons. Well, the First Alert Three-Story Portable Fire Escape Ladder offers top-notch durability with its steel and nylon construction.

So, it’s not going to break under pressure when you’re escaping from a fire. Meeting ASTM standards, you can tell that this model’s durability is not to be underestimated!

Features Anti-Slip Rungs & Steel Stabilizers

The rungs boast epoxy-coating and steel stabilizers for allowing you to step on it without slipping off. It will keep your feet steady and well-balanced to prevent any type of accident. The stability is further enhanced by the inclusion of DuPont Cordura Nylon stripes.

Extra-Wide Secure Hooks

This 24-foot ladder is ideal for installing on 3-story homes. With the extra-wide secure hooks, you will find it super-easy to attach it to windowsills of various sizes. As it comes fully-assembled, you won’t have to go through the assembly process.

Within a minute, you’ll be able to set this thing up on your window and have a safe escape route ready if a fire breaks out.


  • Offers quick and reliable escape
  • Capable of supporting up to 375 pounds
  • Keeps the feet steady and balanced during an escape
  • Easily attaches to various window lengths


  • Beginners may find it harder to deploy

Bottomline: This unit is undoubtedly durable enough to help you escape the flames with your family. It’s designed to reduce any chance of slipping with its solid slip-resistant rungs. So, you’ll get to steadily and quickly get away from the grasps of fire.

3. Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder

Top Features

  • Features retractable hooks for easy storing
  • 13-inch length makes it suitable for second-story houses
  • Comes with slip-resistant rungs to offer a safe escape

Quick & Easy Deployment

Fire spreads fast, so quickness is key in escaping its destructive heat. You won’t get to do that if your ladder takes ages to deploy. The Hausse Fire Escape Ladder 2 Story specializes in allowing you to quickly and easily deploy it so that you can get away faster.

You won’t need any tools to use. Within seconds, you will have this safety equipment ready to save you from the fire! Thanks to the secure hooks, this one can be easily attached to a wide array of window sills. They will prevent the entire ladder from slipping off under pressure.

Offers Stable & Steady Foothold

It’s possible to slip-off or lose your balance when you’re trying to climb down fast. To prevent that, this model features slip-resistant rungs. They will make sure your feet don’t slip and offer a steadier foothold. So, you’ll find it easier and comfortable to descend on this thing.

Rugged Design for Secure Escape

Aided by the durable construction, V-shaped frame, high-quality ladder rope, and high-strength screws, this unit is astoundingly durable. It’s tested to endure up to 1000 pounds, which is amazing. So, it can easily carry the weight of up to three people at once!


  • Designed to deploy within seconds without extra tools
  • Comes with hooks for securely attaching to any window
  • Arrives with an attractive canvas bag that keeps it safely stored
  • Strong enough to take the load of 3 people at once


  • The edges of the aluminum spacers are dangerously sharp

Bottomline: Being so easy to deploy, you can get away from the reach of fire within a very short time with this fire escape ladder. It’s strong enough to carry a lot of weight. Offering a stable and steady foothold, you’ll be able to climb down safely without losing your footing and falling.

4. HYNAWIN Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Top Features

  • Built with sturdy and lightweight aluminum material
  • Comes with a steel hook for secure attachment
  • Easily holds up to 3 people at once

Lightweight & Portable

Made with lightweight aluminum material, this model is surprisingly lightweight. So, carrying it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Children will find it to be heavy, though. Besides, this makes it easier to use, as well. With the sturdy hooks, you can fix this thing up on any window frame.

Thanks to the V-center support, it will stay firmly attached to your windows even when there is a lot of load on the rungs. Due to its high portability, you’ll get to change the place of deployment anytime you want!

Completely Foldable

When you aren’t using this one, it can be folded completely. As a result, the overall size will be greatly reduced, to the point where you can easily store it under your bed! This feature makes it easy to store this ladder without taking much space.

Built for High Capacity

The aluminum material used to build this product is also quite sturdy. On top of that, it comes complete with solid steel hooks. As a result, it can bear up to 990 pounds without any issue.

That means up to three people can climb on this unit simultaneously. The sturdy rungs come with an anti-slip feature for ensuring safer climbing.


  • Boasts a space-saving design for easy storing
  • Lightweight and compact for offering portability
  • Highly durable for taking a huge load
  • Made to securely attach to most common windows


  • Doesn’t offer a safety harness

Bottomline: This 50-foot ladder is ideal for those who live in 5 to 6 story homes. It completes your protective measures against fire breakouts by giving a quick and reliable escape route. Lightweight, portable, and durable – this one will easily get the job done!

5. ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder 3 – 4 Story

Top Features

  • Tough enough to withstand up to 2,500lbs
  • Fits a wide range of window frames with its heavy-duty carabiners
  • Easy to carry and store

Exceptionally Powerful & Sturdy

Well, if you reckon your fire escape ladder will be carrying massive loads when a fire breaks out accidentally, the ISOP Fire Escape Ladder 4 story can be the perfect choice for you! Although it’s a rope ladder, it offers astoundingly high capacity!

Built with high-quality polyester and resin, this incredibly sturdy unit is strong enough for handling up to 2,500 pounds! It’s also flame and weather resistant, so it can last a long time. Unlike most other products, this thing can be reused as many times as necessary!

Compact & Portable Design

It’s super-lightweight and extremely compact. You can go around with this thing right by your side or safely store it under your bed. Or, you can simply hang it up right next to the windows!

Fast & Easy Deployment

This one doesn’t require any sort of assembly or installation. It comes ready to be used! You can descend safely and quickly after wearing the safety belt and attaching the carabiners to the safety cord. It will make sure you don’t fall or slip down while escaping.


  • Prevents slipping and falling for safe climbing
  • Offers easy and fast deployment as there is no assembly required
  • Allows reusability, thanks to the sturdy construction
  • Highly portable, aided by the lightweight and compact design


  • Comes with carabiners instead of hooks, which might be off-putting for some

Bottomline: This fire escape rope ladder will equip you with the right means of getting away from the reach of fire quickly. It’s incredibly sturdy, so you can completely rely on it for descending.

6. X-IT 2 Story (13′) Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Top Features

  • Designed for quick and easy deployment
  • Sturdier than most ladders
  • Small enough to fit in a shoebox

Exceptionally Lightweight & Compact Design

The X-IT fire escape ladder is one of the smallest and lightest ladders on the market today that can be stored in a shoebox! So, you’ll have no issues with its portability. Besides, you can store it without wasting much space; this makes it a superbly convenient product.

Safe & Easy to Use

Although small, it’s perfect for 2-story homes. As this unit deploys superfast, you won’t be wasting any time getting it ready to use. The sturdy rungs come with standoffs, giving you more space for safely climbing down. It isn’t slippery, so you won’t fall off either.

With the grapple hooks, this thing can be easily hooked up firmly to various window frames and sills.

Incredibly Strong & Durable

Durability is something you can’t compromise if you want safe climbing. Even though it’s small and lightweight, it still manages to offer astounding durability. Fitted with rusts made with aircraft grade aluminum, grapple hooks build with steel, and straps created with industry-grade nylon, this thing is super-durable.

You can feel free to use it many times as well. Boasting a long-term warranty, it’s definitely worth every penny!


  • Comes with a tangle-free design for convenience
  • Weighs less yet manages to provide superior durability
  • Extremely easy to deploy within seconds
  • Easily and securely attaches to any windowsill


  • Comparatively more expensive than similar products

Bottomline: This highly reliable fire escape ladder will ensure a swift and easy escape from the fire’s grasp. With a small design and durable build, it’s as convenient as it is safe. From deploying this unit to climbing down, it will make sure you’re always safe and sound.

7. SHAREWIN Portable Fire Ladder 2 Story

Top Features

  • Easily carries up to 990lbs
  • Saves space with foldable design
  • Offers flexibility as well as durability

Strengthened Construction

The SHAREWIN Portable Fire Ladder is an impressive ladder that you can feel free to rely on for escaping securely from fire breakouts. It boasts durable construction with braided ladder rope and steel hook with V-shaped brackets. So, this thing will make sure you get to escape safely without falling off.  

Convenient & Lightweight

It’s a lightweight product that doesn’t take up much space. You can fold this model completely whenever you want to store this thing and hide it under your bed. With the steel hook, it can be installed on the most common window frame designs.

Enhanced Safety in Climbing

In addition to the durability, this unit sports wider steps for allowing you to step on the rungs securely. You’ll get to steadily descend without wobbling around or slipping off. It allows up to three people to climb down at once, safely.


  • Offers convenient and secure escape when a fire breaks out
  • Comes with a sturdy hook that keeps it firmly attached
  • Foldable and lightweight design makes it easier to store
  • Boasts a solid construction that ensures remarkable durability


  • Only useful for one-time use

Bottomline: When you’ve got to escape quickly and safely, this easy-to-use ladder will come in handy. You will be able to deploy it superfast without wasting any time and climb down securely as it prevents slipping! Surely, you will be out of fire’s reach before it gets to harm you or your family using this thing.

Best Fire Escape Ladder Buying Guide

Fire escape ladders can save your entire family’s lives, but that’s only if you manage to get your hands on the good ones. So, it’s extremely crucial that you buy a high-quality and reliable one. You’d have to consider certain things if you want to buy the right safety equipment.

So, we’ve put together a list of the most important things that are worth considering when buying a fire escape ladder for your convenience.

Overall Durability

The durability of a fire escape ladder depends on various factors, including its design and the materials used to build the components. For instance, some are designed for single-use only that aren’t as sturdy as those built for unlimited use. You have to decide what you want first before purchasing.

It’s best to go for the ladders that can be re-used as many times as needed because they will last a long time. You should also make sure to look into the materials as well. Most high-quality equipment is created with steel or aluminum. Durability is also important for allowing the item to load more than one person at once.


Every ladder comes with varied heights. It’s vital that you choose the right sized ladder. Check out how high your window is from the ground. Then purchase a ladder that goes down to the ground right from your window sills.

For 2-story homes, it’s recommended to get one that’s about 12-15 feet. You’d require a 32-feet ladder if you’re living in a 3-story apartment. In the case of 4/5-story homes, you’d need one that’s at least 50-feet.

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Weight determines how easily you’ll be able to handle the ladder. If it’s too heavy, you might not be able to deploy it in time. So, you’ve got to pick one that you find comfortable enough to carry.

Some ladders are exceptionally lightweight, weighing no more than 6 pounds, while others can be pretty heavy, going as far as 28 pounds.

Attachment Style – Hook or Carabiner

V-Hooks and carabiners are two of the most common ways of attaching fire escape ladders. Among them, the V-Hooks are more appealing and reliable due to their fast deployment and secure gripping.

Carabiners are more difficult than V-Hooks. They take longer to be deployed and might cause the ropes to twist; this can be troublesome and prevent you from quickly escaping.

Ease of Use

You’ve got to be quick when it comes to escaping from the fire. So, naturally, you won’t have much time to spend on using and deploying the ladder. Imagine fiddling around and wasting precious seconds in deploying the ladder during a fire breakout. Not an enjoyable experience, is it? Definitely not!

That’s why you should always make sure to get a ladder that’s designed to be easy to use and offer faster deployment. It should be completely assembled and ready for use. The lightweight options that feature hooks are generally easier to work with.

Storage Facilities

Your fire safety ladder should be easy to store in a way that it doesn’t take too much space. Most top-grade ones are completely foldable so that you can hide them underneath your beds. Some even come with canvas bags where they can be easily stored.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I prevent a house fire?

A: The best way to prevent a house fire is by taking the right precautionary measures. First of all, your house should be fitted with functional fire and smoke alarms. You should make a habit of inspecting and maintaining the heating sources regularly. Don’t forget to keep the flammable products stored safely.

You should make sure to get fire extinguishers for your house along with fire escape ladders for allowing you to escape the fire.   

Q: Where should I put my fire and smoke alarms?

A: Fire and smoke alarms should be installed on every level of your apartment or your house. From your bedrooms, kitchens, to your children’s rooms – they should be everywhere.

Q: What should I do in case of a fire?

A: If the fire appears to be small and controllable, grab your fire extinguisher and try to put it out. In case it’s spreading too fast and getting beyond control, get out of your house immediately. Don’t open doors that feel warm to the touch. It’s best to escape using a fire escape ladder if you’ve got that setup.

Q: What is the best fire escape ladder?

A: The First Alert Fire Escape Ladder is easily one of the finest fire escape ladders. It’s a piece of highly durable safety equipment that ensures you get to escape the safest way possible.

Q: How do you store a fire escape ladder?

A: Most fire escape ladders are easily foldable. So they can be stored in the boxes or bags that they come in. Otherwise, you can safely keep them safe inside a drawer or under your bed. Whatever you do, make sure to keep them easily and quickly accessible.


Fire isn’t something that you should underestimate even if you’ve got smoke detectors set up or taken the right precautionary measures. Having the best fire escape ladder will significantly increase your chance of escaping the raging fire.

After going through meticulous research, we’ve come up with a recommended list of top-grade ladders. You can purchase any of them to complete your home’s fire safety system.

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