7 Best Attic Ladders | What Stands Out?

Are you experiencing the cumbersome process of trying to reach the attic?

Then, why not go with pull down ceiling stairs?

You no longer need to use an unstable standard ladder to reach your loft storage spaces, if you install this stuff.

It conveniently pulls down to offer you easy access to get into the loft area without too much hassle. Then you can fold back the stair up when you’re done.

But the big question most people ask is: which are the best attic ladders to buy right now?

There is an abundance of pull down loft stair options out there. So, it’s quite overwhelming if you aren’t well-versed in this field.

This is place where I like to help you. Check out our attic ladder reviews to find the one that will best suit your needs.

Top Pick

FAKRO 66869 LMS is today’s champion on this shortlist. This model is highly durable and offers considerable convenience. 350-pound weight capacity is what you’re looking for to carry heavy items to the loft without worrying about safety. It features steel, powder-coated stair, and high-quality pine wood frame and hatch. Moreover, its Insulated wooden door frame helps to reduce energy costs. Importantly, it offers y 2-year warranty.

Best Budget Pick

If you don’t want to spend that much money on the pull down attic stairs, Louisville S254P is the best option for you. It’s also a good option for people who like wood. It provides a 250-pound weight capacity, and it’s an excellent rating for an all-wooden model. Moreover, for your safe journey to the loft space, it includes 3.5-in. deep reinforced steps and handrails. The EZ-hang strap makes installation easy. Finally, it meets all safety regulations set by ANSI and OSHA.

There’s not much more you could ask for a budget-friendly loft stair.

What is a Loft or Attic Ladder?

A loft is a space on the uppermost part of a building. It’s also known as an attic. The walls inside the loft are smaller than regular walls, and the space enclosed by the small walls is usually used for extra storage.

A loft ladder, or in other words, an attic ladder, is a ladder that leads into the attic. These ladders are attached to the door, and they are retractable. The different sections of this ladder each have a spring catch on it, which extends the ladder outwards when the door is pulled and then retracts it back inside the loft when the door is being closed.

Top 7 Best Loft Ladders For Small Spaces – Quick Chart


Weight Capacity (Pounds)



Product 01

Louisville AA2210 Elite



Product 02

Louisville Ladder S254P



Product 03




Product 04



Aluminum, Metal

Product 05




Product 06




Product 06




7 Best Attic Ladders Reviews 2022

Here are the top picks for the best pull down attic stairs. I’ve ranked them based on several factors, such as quality, weight rating, ease-of-use, and price.

Take a few moments to discover them!

1. Louisville Attic Ladder AA2210 Elite

Top Features

Louisville AA2210 Elite tops the list.


The use-friendly features & efficiency that you get from this product for the price makes it pretty hard to beat, and thus makes it a great contender for the best attic ladder.

Louisville is a market leader in the ladder industries. Louisville ladders are best known for their top of the line at premium prices. 

Most of their ladders are made with quality, ease-of-use and price in mind. And this model from the Elite series is no different. It will give you an easy entry to the attic space.

Best of all, this Louisville ladder comes with an impressive 375 pounds weight rating. If you’re on the slightly heavier side of the weight spectrum or need to reach loft with many loads, this is the perfect model you’re looking for.

It feels rock-solid, and you won’t feel any wobbling dangerously as you climb. Thanks to its heavy-duty hinges. Moreover, the adjustable feet offer extra stability.

The 3.25 inches deep steps are cross-thread to ensure a safer climb providing you maximum traction. Moreover, these are reinforced to add durability and stability.

What stands out?

Instead of a traditional spring mechanism, the AA2210 utilizes a cylinder design. This unique feature allows smooth opening and closing of the attic door.

Additionally, a gas cylinder provides a wide clearance space than many similar models. So you can easily transport large cartons through the opening. It also eliminates destructive door slamming.

This product comes with a rough opening of 22.5-Inches x 54-inches. And it fits ceiling heights of 7-foot 8-inches to 10-foot 3-inches.

It’s very lightweight compared to any wooden attic ladder. Furthermore, installing of this model is also an easy and DIY task.

Elite AA2210 will not only save you space but also saves you money on installing an expensive stairway. It worth noting that the door is well-insulated to prevent cold air or heat transfer.

Finally, it meets or exceeds all the safety standards set by ANSI.

For people who are looking for sturdiness and impressive load capacity, Louisville Elite AA2210 is a right choice. All-aluminum construction of this professional-grade ladder makes it one of the most durable pulls down loft stairs available.  You can’t go wrong with Elite AA2210.

2. Louisville S254P Wd ATC Stair

Top Features

Next onto the top 7 list, I have another best option from Louisville again for access to the attic space as it’s one of the best ladder brands out there. This time it’s Louisville S254P.  If you prefer wood over aluminum, this is the right choice for wooden ladder lovers.

Firstly, it’s entirely made of wood that looks very classy. The high-quality wooden construction increases the durability. And it’s a reliable option to hold up to 250 pounds weight.

You’ll undoubtedly love this Wd ATC Stair once you step on it. To ensure your safe climbing up and down, the steps are 3-1/2″ deep. Moreover, the grooved, non-slip steps will provide maximum traction as you climb up or get down.

Importantly, a “full grip” handrail facilitates while you climbing up and down. It adds security as you hold a carton in one hand and grip the rail with the other.

What makes it special?

The Louisville ladder includes wire rod under each step that provides stiffness and reliability of the entire structure. So, you can climb up more confidently, knowing that this thing is durable and long-lasting.

The heavy-duty hinges provide superior stability every step of the way. Moreover, the hinges help it to fold and unfold smoothly. Of course, the folding attic ladder includes a T-shaped handgrip. The ergonomic design of this handgrip gives you a secure and easy grip for opening.

Worry about installation?


This thing is designed for a proper fit, compact, and easy installation. Although the installation of this thing is a 2-man job, with a little creativity, you can do it alone.

The included easy-to-follow instructions will instruct you to install this product to the proper dimensions of your ceiling opening. Conveniently, the E-Z hang support straps help you fix it safely and quickly.

Louisville premium series S254P is an excellent option to install in compact spaces where regular staircases won’t fit to reach high-up storage areas.

It worth noting that this model works with a ceiling from 7-feet to 8-3/4-feet in height for reaching the attic opening. And it has rough opening 25.5 x 54 inches.

S254P Louisville foldable attic ladder is an excellent pick because of its classy finish, high-quality construction, and safety features, as well as a wallet-friendly price. Considering its affordable price-tag, this is a good deal; I can definitely tell you that much.

3. FAKRO LMS 66869 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder

Top Features

Fakro is one of the most recognized skylights, windows, and attic ladder manufacturers in the world. This brand focuses on safety, durability, and design to provide the highest quality products.

And LMS 66869 is one of their premium product on the line of Fakro attic ladders. It enhances the comfort and ease of use without the need for installing a space-consuming and costly staircase.

This easy to install steel pull-down stair is designed to fit into rough ceiling opening measuring 30 x 54-inch. Conveniently, it’s adjustable to adjust between 7 ft.11-inch to 10 ft.1-inch ceiling height.

Importantly, the1-3/8-in. MDF wood made door and thick rubber gasket insulation protect against heat loss.

It includes steel ladder with powder-painted finish that adds to its durability. The box frame and hatch is made of high-quality pine wood. Conveniently, you can paint or finish the hatch in any color to match your home décor.

You should appreciate the hatch’s unique opening mechanism that ensures the smooth opening of the ladder. Once opened entirely, it helps to hold the hatch in position to prevent door slamming.

Enjoy safe access to your loft area with this reliable stuff. It offers you a 350 pounds duty rating, which is safe for moving large boxes to and from the loft. Additionally, a particular non-slip pattern on the steps will keep your feet stable.

Overall, it’s an outstanding product to install in tight spaces. It’s heavy-duty, well-built, easy to open and close and safe to use.

4. LOUISVILLE Attic Ladder 16 AL228P

Top Features

Comfort, safety, and stability whatever you expect from your attic ladder, LOUISVILLE 16 AL228P will offer you. It’s also an energy-efficient solution to prevent heat loss in your home. So, overall it’s a great option for the best aluminum Attic Ladder.

This handy piece has a rough opening 22.5 X 63- inch which is compatible for large boxes. And it designed to fit 10 to 12-foot high ceilings making it perfect for those with different sized homes.

It also offers a working load capacity of 350 pounds so most adult can climb up safely. You’ll feel safe on slip-resistant, wide steps. The steps are reinforced with wire rods for added stability. Moreover, the multiple handrails ensure your safe and comfortable climbing.

The high-quality aluminum construction offers lightweight performance and long-lasting durability. The heavy-duty hinges not only limit the side to side motion but also add to its long life. Adjustable non-marring shoes make footing on any surface safe and comfortable.

This Louisville ladder comes with a convenient installation kit with E-Z hang support straps, hardware, and instructions for a hassle-free, simple setup. The included extra corner bracing helps to keep the frame square.

It also includes an insulated pre-installed door. This insulated design with R-value 3.8 helps to conserve energy. Finally, the included hook and pole make the door opening easy.

The Everest AL228P is a must-have for heavy-duty use! It’s a sturdy and safe handy piece to access the loft space. The heavy-duty construction offers improved functionality and long life. Overall, an excellent option for homeowners needing tall ceiling access into the attic.

5. WERNER Attic Ladder AA1510 AA1510B

Top Features

Are you looking for a small attic ladder to install in closets, hallways, or other tight spaces? Then WERNER AA1510 AA1510B is a perfect option for you. The brand is well-known and manufacture a lot of quality attic ladders.

It not only space saving but also convenient to access to the loft storage. You should appreciate the compactness and low profile design of this handy piece.

The 14 x 8.30 x 52.60 inches dimension make it the best option for small opening and compact places. And it’s adjustable to ceiling height from 7 ft. to 9 ft. 10 in (floor to floor).

Rated for 250-pound load capacity, this telescoping extension attic ladder is stable even if you carry some heavy load. The large handle offers you a safe grip for comfort and safe climbing.

Werner aluminum attic ladder is lightweight, but it’s ultra-tough in terms of quality. Weighing only 15.5 pounds, this product is easy to install on your own and easy to handle. Conveniently, you can push or pull the ladder with just one hand.

What’s make it special?

The foldable telescoping design makes it a little bit more versatile than its foldable counterparts. It includes three sections that slides inward and outward to open and close as you use.

The folding attic ladder consists of an assist pole for easy operation. If you don’t like a cord hanging from the ceiling at all times, it’s a useful feature for you.

For people who are limited in space where installation of a standard section model is impossible, the low profile design of this Werner sliding attic ladder is just excellent. Not only that, it’s also affordable, which makes it ideal for buyers with limited budgets.

6. FAKRO LWP 66802 Insulated Attic Ladder

Top Features

I’ve another inclusion from FAKRO. This time it’s FAKRO LWP 66802. If you are a big fan of wood ladders, Fakro does give you this option.

FAKRO 66802 is suitable for ceiling heights 7 ft. 5-inch and 8 ft. 11 in. It’s designed to fit openings 25 x47-inch. And it offers you 300-pound load capacity.

This three-section stair is collapsible. The unique mechanism makes operating this stuff smooth and quiet. Moreover, there is a control rod for opening and closing the door.

FAKRO LWP is suitable to install inside the home and other insulated areas. It comes with an insulated attic door that creates a seal to reduce energy loss.

The rubber gasket insulation between the boards is thick enough to provide an R-value of 5.9 to protect heat loss. Of course, you can paint or stain the door to match the interior of your home.

Additionally, the door is free from hardware, making it perfect for any room in your home. It has spring supports that run parallel to the door. This feature keeps the entrance to the loft space clear of hardware.

Importantly, the door is well-balanced that opens and closes with no sudden movements.

The quality ladder comes equipped with a safety metal handrail. Conveniently, you can install on either side of the ladder to increase comfort and safety.

FAKRO LWP 66802 is a medium-priced option but truly worth the price as it will meet most of your requirements. The size, quality, and appearance make this model particularly suitable if you live in a wooden house and looking for a wooden insulated attic ladder. 

7. FAKRO LWT 66895 Wooden Thermo Attic Ladder

Top Features

FAKRO LWT is a highly-efficient model for customers who emphasis on the lowest possible heat loss.

It’s a super thermal insulated wooden attic ladder. With R-Value of 12.5, it ensures high tightness reducing heat loss of your loft area. The lid is 3-1/8-in. thick and double sandwich-insulated. Moreover, the frame perimeter is lined with a triple seal system for higher energy efficiency.

What makes it unique?

Once installed, the hardware is fully concealed that makes it the perfect addition to any room in your home. What’s even better is that the lid is paintable to match your ceiling color.

The box frame and ladder are made of high-quality pine that can safely bear 300 pounds load. The stair folds into three sections.

Moreover, the unique mechanism of hatch ensures that it open slowly. No worry! Once fully opened, this mechanism helps to hold the hatch in the position to prevent it from slamming shut.

FAKRO LWT comes pre-assembled and ready for quick installation in the ceiling. It includes everything, so it’s ready to install in the 30 x54-inch rough openings. Of course, it’s adjustable to fit between 7ft.11-in. and 10ft. 1in. ceiling height.

Conveniently, you can install the handrail on either side of the folding attic ladder to increase comfort and safety. Additionally, an opening rod comes with the product to make opening and closing this stuff hassle-free.

FAKRO LWT 66895 is a top-notch product and great for versatile applications. It’s well-made, high-quality, and serves the purpose of being an insulated pull-down attic stair. While the price is a little higher than other products on this list, it does make a significant investment if you want a truly insulated model. For that reason, it’s tough to beat. 

Best Attic Ladders For Small Spaces – 5 Factors to Consider

When it comes to making the right choice for pull-down attic stairs, there are five main factors you need to take into consideration. Let’s learn them from our attic ladder buying guide.

  • Rough opening

First of all, it’s the rough opening. Pull down ceiling stairs are available in different opening dimensions. And you may need to make a new opening or retrofit to existing one.

Check the dimension of your selected ladder models and see if fits with your ceiling opening. If your existing opening doesn’t accommodate your chosen model, you can frame the ceiling opening to accommodate the attic stair.

  • Ceiling height

Secondly, it’s about the ceiling height. Each folding attic ladder comes with different ceiling height compatible with the minimum to the maximum height. However, you can make necessary adjustments within this range by adding or removing steps, cutting the stairs as outlined in the manual. You can find about the ceiling height with tape measure by taking measurements from attic door panel.

  • Weight-load capacity rating

The weight capacity of a model refers to how heavy load the ladder can support. Loft access ladders are rated according to ANSI standards. In general, the higher-rated models are better in quality to hold the weight safely. Well-known brands and manufacturers give great attention to weight rating.

  • Insulation (R-value)

Another essential factor to check is the insulation. Insulated pull downstairs comes with an R-value to express how efficient it’s to prevent heat loss. If your chosen model isn’t insulated against energy loss, you can use a pull-down attic ladder insulation stair cover. Attic stairs cover box also stops the air leakage to slow heat loss.

  • Ladder Material

When shopping for the right model, you might wonder what type of attic ladder and materials are best for your space.

There are different types of materials that the attic ladders come in, such as: wood, aluminum, or stainless steel construction. Wooden scissor style attic leaders are great in appearance, but they are heavyweight and more prone to potential natural defects. They are more expensive than aluminum counterparts, but you’ll find a lot of variety in them.

Aluminum models are all-around handy pieces as they are lightweight, rust-proof, and not affected by humidity. They are also less costly than wooden models.

Steel ladders are aesthetic, durable but expensive. It would also be great if the you get a fire rated attic ladder.

  • Usability and safety features

Step width and Fire Resistance– Deep and grooved steps are safe to use. But you gotta consider the angles as well. Also, make sure the ladder has fire resistance ability.

Opening and closing style- Some models fold out while others slide forward or backward like a telescoping ladder.

Handrail- A handrail will make your climbing up and down comfortable and safe. However, you can also use the ladder rungs with one hand while carrying an item like roofing nails with the other.

Tips to Stay Safe While Using Loft Ladders For Small Spaces

Apart from knowing how to install an attic ladder, you have to be a bit more cautious than usual when climbing up a loft ladder that is cramped up in a tiny space.

First of all, make sure that the ladder has been installed properly so that all the footholds and handholds are extremely stable. Also, consider the installation successful only if you see that your ladder is not wobbling even a little bit after the installation.

But even after that, you have to take care of a few things to avoid accidents. For this reason, we’ll share some ladder safety tips with you. 

Check the ladder before climbing

Loft ladders are used only a few times in the year, but in between these times, there is a chance that the ladder was damaged in some way. So in order to ensure that there is no damage and the ladder is still safe, you have to check it every time before you climb.

Watch the net weight

If you are carrying heavy packages with yourself, then keep the combined weight of the package and your body into consideration. Don’t make something up that will weigh you down too much to make the climb unsafe for you.

Take a light with you

You can also turn your phone’s flashlight on and use that as you climb so that you know where you are going.

Take someone with you

You should always make someone accompany you when you’re climbing the ladder. This is a necessary precaution so that you can get some help in case the worst happens and you fall off the ladder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do loft hatches have a standard size?

Loft hatches are generally of the same size across houses in a country. In the USA and the UK, the most common opening size for loft hatches measures 562 x 726 mm.

Are loft ladders easy to fit?

They are not exactly easy but not entirely difficult either. You will, however, get the whole kit that is required for the complete installation of loft ladders for small spaces. The ladder and the hatch are usually attached. All you need to do is take measurements to properly secure them inside the rafters and make the necessary adjustments.

You will be much better at this if you have previous experience.

What is the best loft ladder to buy?

The best loft ladder is the Louisville Elite AA2210– According to our verdict, It’s also the finest Aluminum Attic Ladder because it’s durable, has a good weight capacity, and very safe for use.

Which is better, wood or aluminum attic ladder?

Aluminum ladders are better because they are not as flammable as wood. Also, usually an aluminum ladder is more durable and affordable than wood attic ladders. 

How much does it cost to fit a loft ladder?

Generally, it will take about 330 US dollars to get a loft ladder. 

Is it OK to board over loft insulation?

Yes, it is completely fine. In fact, it’s a very easy installation that will be convenient for loft ladders for small spaces because they will add to the storage space and improve insulation.

How much weight can an attic ladder hold?

The more weight an attic ladder can hold, the better it is for everyone. Generally, attic ladders have the capacity to hold 250 – 300 pounds. The capacity may depend on whether it’s a aluminum ladder or wood attic ladders.

Can I put plywood over insulation in the attic?

Yes, of course. Putting plywood over the attic insulation will actually be a very good idea because it will give you storage space and make the attic safer for you to walk in.


The best attic ladders listed above are the top options when it comes to utilizing your loft for storage space.

However, the biggest question you have to ask yourself is, “How much load capacity do I need?”

That answer should narrow down your choices to buy.

Investing in any of these equipment from our article will work very well for your needs to assist with installation, the comfort of use, and safety.

Now, the choice is yours.

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